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I decided not just to hire one dating coach, but several – and I resolved that I would not stop until I improved with women. When I was working with a coach, I began to face the real challenges, challenges that no Internet dating tips for men could help me with.

I feel compelled to write this article from a women’s point of view to give you chaps some tips. Use examples, if you say your adventurous back it up with an example.

Avoid negativity, bitterness and talking about ex-partners. I am shocked by the number of guys who put themselves down in their profile.

I was trying my hardest, but things just weren’t happening.

Worse, I had no idea when things would start happening.

A lot of the guys I go for are just average looking but they win me over with interesting profiles.

Stay away from partially nude and topless photos, unless you want to give the impression that you’re a player and only after one thing. A classic example of a bad photo and terrible grammar. Write about something that you’ve read in the lady’s profile to give the email a personal touch. Build rapport by mirroring and matching in the email.Yet I’ve noticed these same six stages as I now take on other areas of my life. Silly I know, but at the time I believed that eventually a woman would come around. But after four more weeks of dryness between my loins, I decided to take a chance.Whether you want to date more women, get a promotion, start your own business or lose weight, these stages apply. But the longer I waited, the more frustrated I became. When I bought it, I felt a sudden rush of happiness. And in a way, by making the financial commitment to addressing something in my life, it did.I spent five years internet dating before I went to Egypt, without success.Since my return to the UK I have taken it up again and I am really enjoying the whole experience. I suspect it’s the former and the fact that being three years older and wiser has improved my choice of men.So the big question is: how to get a good-looking boyfriend? You have to remember that being optimistic and positive on this one --- this may all depend on your mindset and attitude for the challenge. Who would love someone who doesn't even love themselves, right? Once you get to love yourself, everything will follow.