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I’ve made my rounds on the online dating sites since divorcing five years ago and have taken my lumps, learned a lot, and fortunately found your book last year.

I also generally try for women a tad below what I feel is equivalent to myself in attractiveness if I find something intriguing about them.But even these women (4s and 5s) largely reject my advances as not good enough for them.All he ever expected “was to cut a few records, make a little money, be able to have a taste of rock’n’roll. I remember me and Lars on snowmobiles one New Year’s Eve a few years ago, no shirts on, shit-faced, driving through a pasture. He came over to my house to ride motorcycles – I wasn’t even there – and he hit a fence and knocked himself out. That’s a funny story about that whole sex tape fiasco. I remember the first time I met Axl it was me and Lars hanging out at Bungalow 8 in New York. To have it work out the way it did, I’d say I’m pretty fortunate.” So says Robert James Richie, better known to us as Kid Rock, multi-platinum-selling raprocker whose albums We met when we were doing festivals in Europe years ago. Me telling Hetfield this story, and him sitting me down and telling me to be careful, cos we’ll do this and crash through a fence and Lars’ll be fine and I’ll die, cos that’s the karma Lars has around him. [After which Kid Rock deputised for Hetfield in Metallica for a few gigs.] So for him I reckon I’m the bad karma. It never came out, by the way, I paid the money to quash it through attorneys and things. And then in comes Axl and then Lenny Kravitz, and we just kind of had this meeting of minds at the table. The conversation was light, funny, no discussion of relationships or exes.

I walked Courtney to her car and we hugged in the parking lot.

They both said that if their husband or boyfriend had done what I did after the first date they would have written them off and ignored them altogether.

They also said it’s possible Courtney didn’t see the message or that her child may have intercepted her phone and erased it.

There’s a knock at the door and it’s Scott Stapp with a video camera. ” And I’m like: “Whaddya mean, what’s going on here?

” And he goes to the back of the bus and comes back and he’s got this huge HW ring on, and he says: “Me too!

We’re both single parents with busy lives, so the only date we could set up was for eight days later.