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That includes the choruses: Future usually writes and sings his own hooks.

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Another guy introduces himself as a childhood friend of Future's, before imbibing enough dirty Sprite to lapse into near-catatonia on the couch.It's a Tuesday night, so it's relatively quiet – late on a weekend, it can be hard to find a place to stand.The vocal booth is even more dimly lit than the control room, almost pitch-black.Once Future is in there, swaying at the mic to the beat of the moment, a song almost always manifests itself."You can't lose your composure/' Cause once you lose it, it's over.") "Future was always the person to knock out multiple bangers in one night," says producer Mike Will Made It.

That ability helps explain Future's astounding output since October 2014, a creative run pretty much unmatched in quantity and quality by any contemporary in any genre: five mixtapes, two full-fledged solo albums, plus The influence of Future's ever-evolving sound – centered on his melodic gifts, spontaneous, mesmerizing flow and a digitally augmented baritone growl that sounds like he's gargling ones and zeros when the Auto-Tune is cranked up – is everywhere: Fetty Wap seems to have gotten his entire style from Future's 2012 hit "Turn on the Lights," while Brooklyn rapper Desiigner has been dominating radio with "Panda," a song so derivative in its lyrics, flow and production that Mike Will, for one, thought it was a Future track on first listen.

I was a teenager in 1985 in the last private Catholic Boarding School left in Mexico City.

I relate to the strict uniform policy, the angry and imperfect young Catholic brothers still guessing their vocations, the old professors teaching materials for yester years, the canteen food, hiding Walkman radios and sunglasses, talking about bands across the ocean, the girls who wanted to be older and the fashion.

This control room and its adjoining vocal booth, in a gated studio complex on an industrial road a couple of miles from downtown, is the workplace of choice for Atlanta's reigning hip-hop king, Future.

Six feet three with long, blond-tipped dreads, top-notch cheekbones and the sleepy swagger of the high school athlete he once was, he looks less like an actual rapper than a movie star cast as one.

utside, it's rush hour, a still-sunny spring evening in Atlanta, but in here, you'd never know it.