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And so the fragrance was born: a shower of flowers, of petals, of subtle yet incisive freshness, balanced by sensuality. And the bottle looks beautiful on my bedroom dresser.

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It has been created by Thierry Wasser and it is the first fragrance he created in his position as the succeeder of Jean-Paul Guerlain.

This is how Wasser describes this beautiful floral perfume: "It started with a rose.

All-in-all, I think Idylle is just plain pretty, with a Spring-like optimism but still displaying warmth and could have come from any house.

It's not identifiably Guerlain, so if you're getting it blind, I wouldn't expect much in that respect.

However, as I have already pointed out, there exists a subtle hidden magic that predisposes the people around. 'Must be me', I mused, 'perhaps I'm too old, or it's too young', just can't really put my finger on what went wrong. But it becomes discordant and claustrophobic and just feels too tight.

This is not a perfume of dynamic, but it surely is a perfume that plays with the unconscious tendencies of the recipient. It's like a beautiful winter sweater that looks great, but after half an hour makes you feel static and itchy and cranky and stifled.

Only a few people actually know this gem by Guerlain, and it causes usually a hate-it or love-it reaction... Very versatile because it's floral but at the same time the strong patchouli and musk base notes (I can find a little bit of amber in it, too) make a very warm dry-down. It's so feminine, and chic, and it can be worn both by younger and older women.

Like I said, it's very versatile, and it is really noble to my nose... Jasmine here is GORGEOUSLY placed in the middle notes...

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Idylle is the latest creation by Guerlain for mainstream distribution, introduced in September 2009.

Samsara or Chamade have nothing to look for in the bee bottles...! It's just missing that the beautiful Shalimar bottle will be assassinated from this new marketing. it is still there in the morning, its almost like it fused with my body... I still have the bottle which has only a little of the perfume in it.