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"My younger brother, Luke, and I had a nanny; Mom and Dad drove new cars and had a brand-new house built," Lambert recalls. "People didn't really have the money to spend on private investigators," she explains, "and my parents weren't getting enough work to keep up."Lambert was 6 — "old enough," she says, "to feel the pain of knowing when something is totally wrong." Falling behind on their mortgage, "my parents lost everything they had..were homeless," Lambert says matter-of-factly."Our whole world turned upside down." Fortunately, an uncle took them in, and for two years, Lambert shared a room with her cousin and wore clothes sewn by her mother or bought at Goodwill.He missed us, and we missed him, so much."Although Lambert's mom had a first grader and a toddler to look after, she was equally dedicated to rebuilding the family business, providing her daughter with a valuable lesson about persistence.

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“[They] are very much in sync,” explained a source.Another insider shared, “He’s crazy about Miranda and she’s so smitten with him as well. Her friends think this is the guy for her." We're thrilled to see the country superstar in love again!Here's why: Early on, Lambert learned that life could be harsh.The firstborn of Rick and Bev Lambert, who worked as well-paid self-employed private investigators, she spent her early years in Van Alstyne, TX, outside of Dallas. But, as it turns out, his ex Miranda Lambert did the exact same thing!

Even though the blonde beauty's romance with fellow musician Anderson East wasn't reported until November 2015, the "Vice" singer revealed that the duo began dating that September — and she celebrated their two-year anniversary on Sept. , Anderson and Miranda are more than ready to tie the knot.

Lambert has changed out of what she calls her usual "hillbilly" garb — a sundress and vintage cowboy boots — but still looks plenty country, wearing a denim shirt over a man's tank top and gold sandals with a pair of bright-pink shorts.

The color matches her sparkly nail polish, her i Phone case, and those Chanel shades.

On May 14, 2011, Lambert tied the knot with Blake Shelton, the good-looking, equally crazy-busy crooner who's become a household name as a coach on NBC's hit singing competition .

Following their countrified wedding (they exchanged vows under an arch of antlers), they spent three days back on their ranches in Oklahoma.

And though she works out regularly while listening to Beyoncé and Britney Spears, Lambert would much rather be eating chips or sipping a convenience store Cosmopolitan she calls "the Mirandarita.""It's Bacardi Light with Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade and a splash of Sprite Zero," she says with a grin.