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But know that the minute you do, the rumour mill will be a buzz with Ningbo’s residents adjusting their mental map of the city’s sexual network.

It has, however, been a curious insight into eminent departure’s affect on relationships.

Americans seem to retreat and overdramatise everything, citing you as a possible obstacle to their painfully optimistic hopes and dreams.

They make mountains out of the same bloody molehill that everyone in this place is climbing.

Europeans tend to be more open to the idea of an easy out, because a steamy summer romance with an inevitable but blameless end date sounds like the easiest way to not have to break up with someone ever.

I’ve had first impressions flipped so hard on their head that I don’t completely trust my instincts anymore.

I’m having to reassess my own judgement, which for the most part hasn’t been challenged in twenty-three years because people are disposable when everyone speaks the same language.

send submissions to: [email protected] you spot a good looking foreigner wandering Tianyi Square, there’s probably only one or two degrees of separation between you and him and n-1 between you and his penis. The next tier is Jiangdong’s Portman plaza area where you have your choice of bars but can avoid the crowds.

This unsurprisingly only applies if you’re foreign and female. If they’ve scraped through the buy-me-dinner-and-I’ll-make-you-breakfast phase, then you can take them to Laowaitan.

editor’s note: this is the first installment in an ongoing series of anonymous confessions of life in Ningbo.

this city can be a great place filled with many stories. You just can’t remember because all foreigners look the same. If you happen to meet someone you like, first off, congratulations.

A series of key Supreme Court decisions — along with changes in popular attitudes (especially among younger people) and aggressive corporate promotion of sexuality to sell nearly everything – restricted the religious right to local and state battlefields.