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Your reps will be happier and more productive while your forecasts will be backed by data instead of gut and intuition.

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Everything you need is in Zyn Bit so no more jumping back & forth trying to remember to include everything. The Zyn Bit app has brought efficiency and optimization to the way I manage communication within Salesforce.All the way from creating a contact/lead to tagging e-mails or events, I can stay on top of my pipeline all within the comfort of Microsoft outlook.Projects can span years, and customer relationships are king, thus volumes of email and documents are transmitted, stored and often reproduced.With Salesforce and Share Point in place, Zyn Bit provides the triangulation via Outlook for our Sales team to work with Salesforce and Share Point by creating, updating and searching customer history, activities, email correspondence and documents.There’s no better app than Zyn Bit for the sales professional!!

We implemented Salesforce four months ago and deployed Zyn Bit to our users at the same time.

In 2015, Wenger abandoned Lotus Notes for Salesforce and Office365.

We now use Outlook and Share Point to manage all customer correspondence.

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