Updating oak kitchen cabinets

the paneled walls and ceiling: The paneled walls make this room feel really solid and the horizontal texture is a pleasing visual connector to all of the elements in the room.

The ceiling is covered in tongue and v-groove cedar planks with visible knots.

:) Because there is SO MUCH TO SAY and SO MUCH TO SHOW (yes, even in a little kitchen remodel there is a lot that goes into them) I will have to do more posts to share in greater detail on each of the elements.

There were many design decisions that went into this small kitchen, but today I’ll at least be able to give you the overview and an overload of photos.

We’ve been actually using our kitchen since Christmas Day, but there were a few snafus along the way that slowed down the actual finishing work.

So I’m super happy to say it’s officially done (well, you know, , or perhaps spend a few weeks preparing the ultimate styling and then a few more weeks taking and selecting just the right photos (or hiring a photographer to do all that for us!

Because the wall and floor area is usually so limited in a small kitchen, you have to make every design decision count without any one of them overwhelming the whole.

But on the plus side of a small kitchen, you get to make a big impact with less.The wood planks wrap the whole room in chunky wood which definitely adds a lot of warmth and character, too.I wrote a post all about the shiplap-style walls here.), I knew I couldn’t make you guys wait another minute.So, we grabbed our camera this weekend and starting snapping photos so we could finally welcome you to our small kitchen remodel REVEAL!The sink area definitely deserves attention, though, so the sconces and antique brass finish faucets add a soft metallic shine to make this space feel extra special, too. I had dreamed up various design options and colors for this kitchen, but the one feature I just really felt drawn to the most was a dark moody navy Dutch door. the apron front sink: You’d think with a smaller kitchen we’d want a smaller sink, right?