Updating mysql server

It's a generic data which allows you to sort the new computers (geographical site, first floor, john room....).

If you don't want this functionality, just let it blank. If you encounter any errors while upgrading, restore your database, then upgrade My SQL server to version 4.1.20 or higher. To upgrade web communication server and administration console, you must follow instructions as described in Installing management server.

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Otherwise, you can rerun configuration process by browsing (this must be used when upgrading OCS Inventory management server).

Note: If your default collation is UTF8, you will see some errors regarding KEY too long in some tables, see here for some workarounds:

For example: Otherwise, the best way to do this is to use PHP PECL ZIP package.

You must have PHP development libraries (php-devel package under Red Hat or Fedora Core, under Linux Debian or Ubuntu) in order to have phpize command.

Else, open your favorite web browser and point it on URL to connect the Administration server.

As database is not yet created, this will begin OCS Inventory setup process.Note: If you want to use multiple computers to host OCS inventory NG management server, we recommend that you set it up on Linux servers. Deployment server needs any Web Server with SSL enabled. Administration console requires ZIP and GD support enabled in PHP in order to use package deployment.OCS Inventory NG server for Windows comes as an integrated package including all required components (apache, perl, php, mod_perl, mysql…). Administration console is written in PHP 4.1 (or higher) and runs under Apache Web Server 1.3. We assume that you have: The Web communication server requires Apache web server and Perl 5 scripting language and some additional modules for Perl 5 (see Requirements).You don’t need to update Perl modules if not required in the release notes.Then, just point your favorite browser to URL “ and it will run the upgrade process to ensure that your database schema and default data are up to date.It is better for system integrity to use your distribution's precompiled packages when they are available. apt-get install libxml-simple-perl apt-get install libcompress-zlib-perl apt-get install libdbi-perl apt-get install libdbd-mysql-perl apt-get install libapache-dbi-perl apt-get install libnet-ip-perl apt-get install libsoap-lite-perl cpan -i XML:: Entities If a precompiled package is not available for your distribution, you can download the package source from and build it on your system (make and C compiler must be available).