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When you use the ZSQLMonitor you'll see the statement is prepared first, then data is bound separately for every execution of the statement.

(This logging is just important to make sure prepared statement API is used) Mark It´s happen in posgresql too..

Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

updating blob fields in mssql-74

The is a very important system file which basically contains FILESTREAM header information.This can be done by using the new FILESTREAM feature which was introduced in SQL Server 2008.The alpha/beta tester's forum for Zeos Lib 7.0.x series Report problems concerning our Delphi 2009 version and new Zeoslib 7.0 features here. In my opinion this is a bug but if not please correct my following code: // for writing to blob field qry. Text := 'INSERT INTO Blob Tbl (File) VALUES (: File)'; qry. And I'm not sure what side effects this will have on the other parts of the library. I noticed that during writing to the blob fields the information is changed. We could solve this by changing all SQL queries to the good old ansistring type and make sure this is always utf8 encoded, but this would have quite some impact on the code, I'm afraid. var Blob Stream: TStream; File Stream: TStream;begin if Q000IMGAux.

Sometimes, your data is not limited to strings and numbers.

mybe this image attached can help, i used the beyond comparer in hex mode to view the changes between the original file on disk and the image stored in blob field, there are a problem in escape chars. but i have no idea where the source code must be changed...

using on D2009 Zeos 7 Revision 636 Posgresql 8.3 UTF8 encoding:prog::prog::prog::prog: After long time i make this workaround....

I'm trying to implement this at the moment, but as long as other problems keep popping up I'm limited in time I can spend on it. You could try however to use the new prepared statement API implementation. It's not really tested yet, but if you do may be both better of.

To use it, use the do Prefer Prepared and do Prefer Prepared Resolver options of your query. Post; end;end;var Blob Stream: TStream; File Stream: TStream;begin if Q000IMGAux.

The SELECT statement will verify data has been inserted, but there isn’t a way in SQL to view the image.