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The Croatian football federation helped Christian to get one, and once it came through in January 2015, he could formally sign for Dortmund as if he were any other 16-year-old from the EU. Looking back almost three years on, Pulisic knows how fortunate he is that one biographical detail sped up his career.

“When I came here, nobody knew who I was, nobody really cared.It was me against all the other players fighting for positions.Of course I went as far as I could in the US system, and I really feel that it helped me.But coming here, nothing was easy, and I worked for it all.Pulisic’s paternal grandfather Mate is from Croatia and lived most of his life there before moving to the US.

That makes his grandson eligible for a Croatian passport, which as of 2013 is an EU passport.Especially when it comes to being the voice not just for the US team, reeling from failing to qualify for the World Cup, but for the whole future of the sport in America.Speaking to at Dortmund’s training ground last week, Pulisic was clearly more comfortable discussing some topics than others.Born in Hershey, Pennsylvania in September 1998, the son of two footballers, Pulisic took to the game and instantly stood out for his remarkable vision, two-footedness and change of pace.He played for PA Classics, the best boys’ club in Pennsylvania, and soon enough for the United States Under-15s, before joining the U-17’s residential program at Bradenton, Florida.In January 2014 Pulisic, 15 and a bit, was playing for the USA U-17s in a tournament in Turkey.