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These trainings offer valuable information on domestic violence and promote best practices throughout the state.Technical assistance is provided to courts that are developing procedures for handling domestic violence cases.

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As an innocent 13 year old, Becky never imagined she would become involved in teen domestic violence - that, surely, only affected older, married women?

Sadly Becky soon found out the reality of teen abuse.

Family and juvenile dependency mediators and child custody evaluators must handle cases involving domestic violence according to state laws and rules of court and must have local protocols consistent with statutory requirement and statewide rules. Violence Against Women Education Project (VAWEP) The VAWEP provides the courts with information, educational materials, and training on the court’s role in responding to these cases.

VAWEP is funded by the California Emergency Management Agency with resources from the federal Office on Violence Against Women to support the superior courts in creating a more effective response to cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and teen dating violence.

Violence Against Women Education Project Fact Sheet VAWEP Annual Report.

Curriculum, Bench and Other Judicial Tools Domestic Violence Family Law Interpreter Project The Judicial Council of California provides funding to support the use of interpreters in proceedings where domestic violence or elder abuse protective orders have been issued or are being sought and in cases filed under the Family Code, generally where one party does not sufficiently understand English.Membership includes leaders from juvenile and family courts; law enforcement agencies; and agencies and organizations that address child welfare, domestic violence, public health, emergency services, alcohol and drug abuse, and mental health at the state and local levels.The Judicial Council of California is responsible for developing statewide rules of court, court forms, and legislation relevant to court administration.Materials from some past conferences and trainings can be found here.Specific efforts include providing regular trainings for mediators, child custody recommending counselors, evaluators, investigators, court clerks, and judicial officers several times throughout the year.The court may then seek technical assistance from the Judicial Council.