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She got his number from a guy who had everybody's number.

She wasn't like Dani, she'd had a lot more sex, she wasn't ever shy about getting it either, but she hadn't really been satisfied before, though she loved trying.

She thought it was beautiful, better than the ones she'd seen before, a real man's cock. He moved her quickly to against the counter, she went ahead and dropped her trousers.

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It was much faster, but still not too hard for her.

As he breathed fast she moaned more and more, her fantasy had came true so quickly, that was enough to make her cum he could tell she was nearly on her climax, so he got on his knees on the couch and penetrated her deeper. And he came with her, hard, like ropes of cum spraying into her.

See Dani is a very sexy redhead, 5 feet tall, very petite. "Oh she had to go out, I live next door so I'm looking after the house, come on in", she closed the door as he walked in, she looked him up and down from the back, she suddenly thought he must have a great ass under those jeans. She put her hands over the top of his jeans, "I'd really like to show you how sexy you are", she unbuttoned his jeans, pulled them down just enough to get a full of view of his bulging boxers, this is what she was looking for.

It didn't take him long to finish with the TV, but she wanted to make him stay, she thought if she said the right things he might ask her out, although she wanted more than that immediatly. She poured two glasses of whatever she found, they stood in kitchen, she tried to make him talk. " "I used to sell them", he wanted to say more to this sexy thing but he couldn't think of what to say, until, "I've seen you before somewhere." "Oh I've seen around a bit, you were a few years ahead of me in school", she said, still trying to think of something sexy to say, "I'm 18 now", she blurted out, hoping it would encourage him. She took off her white tank top, showing off her bra-less 34A breasts, they suited her perfectly.

She moved her leg off the counter, move her pussy away from his cock, then took hold of it while taking him into the living room.

She still wanted to be nailed on that couch, she didn't want to lose her chance, she threw him onto the couch, then lay down next to him, they were on their sides, so he held her leg up and fucked her without hesitating.

It was Thursday and she went to her next door neighbours for a quick visit, they were a nice family, not one she'd talk to about needed some fine sex. Then she realised, "Actually there is, I've got a friend coming round to fix my TV, could you wait here for him while I go out?

Only the mother was in at the moment, she was very welcoming but pre-occupied. " Dani was surprised at the request, she never knew she was trusted enough for that, but she had never done anything to suggest otherwise. " "Just let him in, then lock the door after he's done if you want to leave, I'll give you a key.

She moaned softer as her climax ended he kept his cock moving, slower and slower, until he took it out. ------------------------------------------------- Isabella waited in her flat, she called him only ten minutes ago, but she knew he'd hurry.

She lay there with her mouth open and her eyes closed. Dani had told her and Natasha about him yesterday, when she had him, she couldn't stop thinking about him.

"Do you want something to drink now that you're done? Maybe she could tell him she just wants a spontaeneous fuck on the couch, but some guys run away when girls come on too strong. She kissed him again, her hand on his bulge, he moved his hands over her bare back. She took more and more of it in slowly, she liked everything slow she began to realise.