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The first day we chatted, I guess I was in one of my better moods, therefore had a witty and mildly flirtatious conversation with her, which lasted for almost 2 hours!!!Before I knew it, we were chatting every day in the evenings for hours at end, and as my work hours are flexi, it suited me just fine.

We spoke at length the first day as her husband was out of town and kids are studying outside Delhi. We decided upon what we would be wearing so that each could recognize the other, as you all know, pictures can be pretty different from how we look in real life.When she asked me whether I liked her picture, I frankly told her that “you are good enough to eat”…and on the other end I could hear her suck her breath in, there was silence for 2-3 seconds after which her breathless voice said-“really? I have a thing for pretty feet and hands, so I requested her if she would be kind enough to wear high heeled sandals and anklets, and if possible paint her toes in red color nail paint; to which she said with a mischievous laugh- “wait and see…” and I left it at that.As we entered the coffee shop, I came in beside here and gently put my arms around her waist.The waiter came towards us and guided us to one of the tables, and as I guided her in front of me, I slipped my hand from her waist to the upper part of her ass and stroked it ever so lightly.She glanced at me and I could see her lips part ever so slightly.

We sat and made some polite conversation where we recounted some of the topics we had spoken about while chatting on-line. But I’m 19, 5’3” 115lbs, long blonde curly hair, blue eyes. I got to admit I made the yellow and blue flowered bikini I was wearing look pretty good. Brad was one of the few guys that hadn’t hit on me all day. I gasp as I feel his fingers running over my pussy. I can feel his hand moving higher, he slides it inside of my bikini bottoms. I have sensitive nipples, and he is sucking my tits hard. The sleeping bag doesn’t soften up the ground much as he slams himself down on top of me. He has short blond hair, has a few pimples, but he does have a pair of the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen. He rolls over on top of me; I reach down between us and grasp his cock. He’s thrusting his cock in and out of my pussy hard. We sat there and made small talk for a bit when he told me his tent mate didn’t make it to the tent tonight; I wonder if he’s one of them with Julie. Brad was so nice and shy; I figured I would be safe. We got there and he went to his sleeping bag, I went to mine. It wasn’t like he had a monster cock or anything, but watching him masturbate was turning me on. I can’t help but moan every time he thrusts into me. About 2 in the morning, I decided to go back to mine. My tent made Julie is in their past out with 2 guys snoring away. I asked him what he was doing up, he said he was checking his trout lines, not that I have a clue as to what they are. Tried to ignore him, but I couldn’t help but stare at him. Brad stops kissing me and moves his lips down to my breasts. I can feel my boobs bounce, he’s fucking me so hard.Her chat Nick name was “Toffs” and her name was “Rina”( changed here, I am sure u will understand..), her age was 39, which was OK with me, as I have always found myself to be more attracted, both socially and sexually, towards women who are older than me, she stayed in the same area as mine, was married with 2 teenaged children.