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Lastly, internet stranger and I put together a letter writing approach for him that I hope leads him to a higher rate of success.◊♦◊When searching on-line dating sites for a FWB, make sure the best matching site is being used. Establish rules for FWB because it will eventually end, and it could be when they move on to a relationship. When writing a message to someone on an on-line dating site, be clear with your intentions, but always be respectful. At this point I’m not looking for anything serious, but you seem fun and I’d like to move this conversation offline if you’re interested.” This will generally go over better than any “Are you DTF? I hope internet stranger finds what he’s looking for.

A simple four lines is a good start (we’re going to pretend the letters used represent musicians) – “Hi, how are you today? It provided me with some food for thought during the afternoon, and I’m glad that instead of just deleting his message we could have a conversation about the current status of trying to find a FWB through online dating sites. It goes to show that there’s always something to learn in life.

I listed a few of them in hopes that it may be a better place to search for prospects. In his opinion, having male friends makes it easier to date and find a relationship. Make sure you are getting into a FWB situation for the correct reasons.

If this is the belief currently circulating, I can assure you that it is not the case. Do not go into it expecting this person will eventually fall for you.

Two days later I receive another message – “Now are you interested in FWB? That’s the first word in the label of what is “technically” a form of a relationship – it is labeled after all.

If I’ve never met you before in my life, how are we friends?

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In the message exchanges, I highlighted this portion of the profile to internet stranger and suggested that perhaps he look for women that list “casual sex” as one of their preferences.