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district, council, national) can be expelled simply for being gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

However, units chartered by faith-based organizations can still deny someone membership in that unit because of their sexual orientation.

Had the BSA fired him, many people believe that their actions would have been in violation of New York State Law and that it’s unlikely that the BSA would have been able to successfully defend their ban on gay employees in court. The BSA has adopted a respected and strong Youth Protection Program as well as other rules, regulations and policies on sexuality and sexual conduct.

The policy change on adults was voted on by the National Executive Board, which is a group of adult volunteers from all over the country.

Remember that as a member of the organization, you have the opportunity and obligation to help determine where this organization will go in the future.

Additionally, the international Scouting organization (World Organization of the Scout Movement, WOSM) only recognizes one Scouting group per country.

Plus, we’ve made so much progress in making the BSA a more welcoming and inclusive place – why would we throw that all away now, just to support a different organization?

Remember that if you’re a member of an organization, you have a say in how that organization operates.

The policy change on youth was voted on by adult Scouts representing every BSA Council, and was therefore a change that represented the wishes of the BSA as a member-led organization.

Units chartered to secular organizations, however, must consider adult applications without regard to sexual orientation.

To report violations of the BSA’s policies, please follow the instructions in this document.

This is an easy way to make sure everyone knows your unit is inclusive.

There are several reasons why it’s impossible to form another Scout association.

The discipline and dedication they learn along the way will undoubtedly make their Scouting experience one that develops them as youth and guides them throughout life.