Sasuke and sakura the dating game

A few other of my favourites are Whispers in Corners by esama (Harry Potter/Sherlock Crossover), The Hidden Life of Morino Ibiki » by Illegitimi (Naruto) and I See The Moon by hcti B-notso B (Harry Potter/Avengers Crossover).

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Possibly my all-time favorite fanfiction story is The Glass Sandal » by Darma Druid (Lord of the Rings); a lovely Cinderella retelling!

My favorite "mini-'verses" are the stories from shirebound in the Quarantined series (Lord of the Rings) which focuses on a gentle friendship between the hobbits and Aragorn pre-Lot R, and the Hiraku Kazama series; From the Ashes » and Rises the Flame » (Naruto) by peppymint, in which a betrayed Naruto becomes an audacious missing-nin.

If anyone wants to see the larger version of the image I used for my cover, this is the link: . Harry and Captain America after their battle with the droids that can be found here: Please drop her a line as well to tell her what you think!

Little Storm 97 has translated one of my HP/Avengers crossovers into Spanish! My list of favorite stories on this site has become very extensive over the past years, but my absolute favorites remain mostly the same: The two most humorous, complete and lenghty stories that I've come across are A Black Comedy » by nonjon (Harry Potter) and Bella Swan: Kidnapper » by Kambria Rain (Twilight).

Thank you so much :)Also, new Tonksie has started writing a translation of The Promise of a New Dawn in Polish that can be found here: Obietnica Nowego Świtu. is my longest story, and I'll once again mention that I am bad at those.

I know it has literally been years since my last update, but I still don't count this story as abandoned yet!

About my most recent stories I can tell you two things:1) I love writing crossovers and2) I prefer to write short stories and one-shots.

Because I'm horrid at updating a story once my first writing burst about an idea has vanished.3) Except in the two cases where a wonderful reader made me fanart that I could use as cover image, I generally 'make' all my covers in Paint...

The Tower is pretty much stalled - I have no idea if I'll ever return to writing for the Hikago fandom, but if I do I may hopefully finish it. Perhaps the stories themselves aren't that special and also rather short, but the writing experience was very helpful and it made me more confident in my writing and of my grasp of the English language. There are already a bunch of 'Harry sent to Arda as an elfling' stories out there, but since most of them are unfinished, slash or contain many references to torture and abuse I wanted to try a less over the top version myself.

I was actually not quite sure about whether or not to start writing this story because it is a multi-chaptered one and I'm not too good at keeping those up, but in the end I thought 'why not give it a shot?

Lastly, I want to thank my reviewers, who completely blow me away with their enthusiasm for my crossovers.