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Or worse, if you've given up and stopped fishing entirely?Enjoy the here and now, the chance to be with all sorts of different people, to have new and fresh experiences, to make incredible memories (and build up lots of funny stories), and to learn about yourself. You put that line in the water and you don't know what's on the other end. "In dating, translate anxiety to anticipation- and something lost, to something found.Hopefully you’ll learn more from the experience of being with a person though, than a fish.

Ashoka seeks to empower system changing innovations.Elevating girls and women changemakers, and supporting their efforts to lead and catalyze change in their communities, is critical to our motto “everyone a changemaker.” Women are also uniquely poised to lead in a new world, where collaboration, horizontal decision making, and breaking down siloes is necessary to address the problems of the future- women excel at these skills.Through her witty terminology, Trish’s mom had captured dating in your twenties at its finest.But what I really loved about it was it alluded to what so many people miss when it comes to dating- how fun it is. People don’t fish for the end goal- to catch something, kill it, and eat it (ok, exempting the tribal warriors of yesteryear).A space designed to support systems innovation that weave together diverse players in the ecosystem and that create new solutions to gender equity, that plays with technology as a potential driving force.

We hope to inform: Government policy and practice around what works in promoting gender equality, inclusive economies, and bolstering girls who face multiple barriers and discrimination The corporate sector by engaging leaders in new collaboration that makes the connection between girls empowerment and talent pipelines, women’s innovation and their contribution to the economy.She is currently producing a podcast, Disruptive Women, that explores the challenges female innovators face in the most restrictive societies.She holds a master’s degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Gender Analysis and International Negotiation.We also aim to facilitate collaboration between Ashoka fellows who might have never met or interacted at all before, but are working on the same issues.This network activation is critical towards sparking a global movement.And a lot of the time, it isn’t the person that is right for them anyway.