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Roger Ebert praised the film for taking chances by exploring the idea of a hard-nosed cop learning to respect a woman.

During their final scuffle, they end up in the path of an oncoming train; Block manages to roll aside in time, but Rolfe is run over and killed.Block accepts a woman's touch after he tells Beryl everything will be okay.Block visits a brothel where the woman worked, and interviews a prostitute with whom she would perform group sex.The prostitute seduces Block, loosening his necktie, which he accidentally leaves behind.Block instructs the man to pick up his pay as scheduled and follows him, hoping to catch the killer. The killer kidnaps the friend of the third victim, and he dumps her body in a public fountain.

He drapes Block's abandoned necktie on a nearby statue.

The hidden killer watches Block and the prostitute.

The next morning, Block is called to the scene of a third victim.

The second victim is also a sex worker, and she is strangled in a jacuzzi.

Block tracks down one of her co-workers and interviews her while the two prepare to have sex. While Block inquires about the victims at another brothel, he has sex with a prostitute.

One of the victim's clothes has some cash in it, which the police trace to the payroll of a brewery.