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Daily Star Online exclusively revealed his first artificially intelligent (AI) sex robot that is “prone to fall in love with you” in January.

Take for example, the 28-year-old New Yorker who turned his OK Cupid profile into a robot. In an effort to see just how impersonal online dating has become, Schuyler Hunt created a fake profile, and then when a woman would message him, he ran all of his responses through Cleverbot, which is essentially artificial intelligence chat software that attempts to mimic or reproduce human conversation.

But give us a computer and an online dating account and we don’t know what’s real and what’s not.

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Each sex robot will be “made to order” with “customisable” personalities that “evolve” within the app.

Ahead of the release, Matt spoke exclusively to Daily Star Online about the virtual babes lads can’t wait to chat with.Welcome to Let's Make Robots, the robotics community by Robot Shop.You’ll find here a vibrant community of knowledgeable and friendly robotics enthusiasts.Its tie is awkwardly long, and it makes very similar hand motions while speaking (though the hands may be a generous in size).However, there's one major flaw with the Trump-bot: its face is quite terrifying and bears very little resemblance to Trump, save for the combed-over blond hairdo.It's weird how the Trump robot at the Hall of Presidents is Trump from an HBO movie five years from now where he's played by Jon Voight Ff ELR— Jason Bailey (@jasondashbailey) December 19, 2017 Walt Disney World's Hall of Presidents just added a new leading man to its lineup: a robot version of Donald Trump.