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That is a deeply disturbing state of affairs – and especially for a wealthy country which has boasted, for almost 70 years, a health service freely available to anyone who needs it.

The latest evidence of these health inequalities expose the harsh realities of life in 21st-century Britain.

The answer – like the incessant adverts for high-fat foods on our TV screens – is staring us in the face.

We need obesity taxes at 50 or 100 per cent to hike up the cost of the foods and drinks we should only be consuming as an occasional treat, not as part of our daily diet.

Those taxes will, inevitably, hit the lowest-income families the hardest, although the tax take from unhealthy foods could be used to subsidise lower prices of fruit and vegetables to offset this.

Despite all our best efforts, the health gap between the richest and the poorest has barely changed over the past 25 years. And, more importantly, what are we going to do about it?

There are plenty of factors that affect our health and our lifespan: our genes, our jobs, our income, our housing, where we live, both our own and our parents’ education… There are, however, two key issues that matter for more than anything else: being obese, and being a smoker.

Whether it's a game or application software, Ecommerce, or other IT related firm, there are more than a few who rose in fame to such status in recent years.

On the other hand, Japan's unemployment rate for new grads dropped to a record low and those who want to work are unable to, or their wishes to work at their company of choice is not granted. Will the two be able to compromise their values and lifestyles to become a happy couple?We are often told that health inequalities are about money, that poor people cannot afford to live healthy lifestyles, but that is far too simplistic.After all, cigarettes and fast food are actually very expensive habits.It’s been a long road but those tactics have worked.Every increase in tax on cigarettes has resulted in a fall in the number of smokers, cut by millions over the years.Dating rich women who are looking for older or younger men are ready for a more rewarding and fulfilling relationship.