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“Now you will think.” “Mom, you told me today …” she hesitated, but then continued, “…

Those are the two main things as far as simple looks are concerned, but you also probably are wondering what to talk about.Any sort of special interest or hobby could be a great topic to get started."My shift just ended, and when I overheard that this was being brought to your room, I offered to bring it myself. I wished I could have gone to your book signing this evening, but obviously I had to work." "Have you bought a copy of Secret Garden yet? I was going to swing by the bookstore tomorrow morning to pick up one of your signed copies." Salumeh smiled back. " "It's against hotel policy." Salumeh nodded and headed to her suitcase, where she picked up a copy of her book. She put it on the table where she signed it with a pen: To Erin, Room service has never been so much fun. Salumeh Then she handed the book over to Erin, whose face instantly lit up. And if Salumeh was totally honest with herself, she was in the mood for a little company. But there was something more intimate about sharing a single plate of cheesecake with another woman. "One of the things I really find fascinating about you is the contrast," Erin said as they got more relaxed around the table. " "I follow you on Twitter and I saw something you liked, which led me to an erotic story. And being the book nerd that I am, I soon noticed many similarities between the writing style in your novels, and the stories that I found there." There was no denying it. But don't tell anyone I said that." "Well then, Ms. " "Yes, of course." Erin gave a playfully stern look and put her hands on her hips. "I think you're really pretty," Salumeh tried again, this time trying to be more honest with her feelings. " "No way." "Then no gift for you," Erin said, putting her hands down at her sides. "Fair enough." "Have you ever thought about another woman? I'd be beside myself if I missed this opportunity to meet you." The door closed and Erin rolled the cart to a table, where she placed the cheesecake and hot drink. Especially from someone as intelligent and as pretty as Erin. "I've just had a light dinner downstairs and that cheesecake and hot chocolate deliver way too many calories for me. Especially with someone like Erin, who occasionally liked to bat her eyelashes whenever they discussed something humorous. "Your literature does such an amazing job of shining a light on the whole spectrum of American women of all colors and backgrounds." Salumeh nodded, waiting for the other shoe to drop. " "That you write erotica," Erin said with a wry smile. " "Yep, I believe it is." Salumeh gave kind of a slightly surprised, slightly coy smile. This young woman with a keen eye for literature and wordsmithing had cornered Salumeh. "I love lingerie, undergarments, and all the works. Parsa, if we're sharing secrets, then I must confess to similar interests. I like stockings in particular." There was a sense of pride in Erin as she made the personal reveal. I'm fairly satisfied with your answer." Erin seemed nervous, yet excited, as she undid her skirt and let it drop to her ankles. But since you're not doing so, I'll assume you accept me in my new role as your inspiration and interrogator. "In fact, I was pleasantly surprised when you answered the door. And that's not something I normally say to people." Erin smiled, "That's adequate. And she looked the part too, wearing a neatly ironed receptionist suit. Parsa," the receptionist said, using her hands to display the cart the way a game show model would. " "Sounds like a great calorie reducing plan." It wasn't as awkward as either of them had thought. "Based on research, many women have." "I don't care about research. She rubbed inside of her own thighs and felt the smoothness of the undergarments. Both of them breathed harder and their lips quivered.

Salumeh's eyes feasted on a finely presented cheesecake with all its toppings, along with a hot chocolate which still had steam rising from it. Both of them were still in their professional clothes with stockings on their feet, as they sat down by the table and shared the cheesecake. Things went to a more taboo level when Erin stood upright again and rubbed her crotch.

A far cry from her sunny downtown Los Angeles home.

Her latest book, Secret Garden, had managed to break into the top 10 NYT bestseller list after its third week. I have an idea." While still scantily dressed, Erin put the messy plate of cheesecake crumbs back onto the service cart, which had a traditional long white cloth over it, along with the cup of nearly finished hot chocolate. Then Erin stepped on the chair, which allowed her to then step on the cart.

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After removing both earrings, she walked to the door and opened it to see a food cart attended by, for whatever reason, the lobby receptionist, who was standing there with a polite smile and cute posture which was adorable in its own way. "And rules are rules." Instead of showing her breasts, Erin reached down to her undergarments. And Salumeh hung her head down slightly, almost with a look of shame.