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who ever found him or herself here should count himslf a worthy person or place right here iz the #1 rap & hip hop chat on weirdtown.anything rap or hip hop iz right here!!!!!!!!! U know wat it iz A private, exclusive lounge for friends to partake in verbal intercourse. Or were you just completely honest, and told them all about your career... I created this Chat room so the Guys in Huntsville, Al Could find there Friends, Chat with other guys in Huntsville, Al & just have a fun time Chating with friends. i like meeting young and able friends who caring, lovely, beautifull and facinating thats why i decided to create this room. Did you lie about what college you went to, or how much you give to charity?Please enjoy the desi chat with people from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and rest of the world. Usually, Pakistani, Indian, and Pakistani people are special place for Desi people.Pakistani chat rooms are divided into sub categories per city.Further more care to fun online chat room has many features such as beautiful emoticons, smileys and chat functions which are not available in any other chat rooms.

Apart from that you can also be at secure place at caretofun chatting since we have here operators online 24 hours who are here to assist you.Now all you have to do is insert your nick and join our free chat room.Since Yahoo Chat rooms closed, we have made this to alternate Yahoo Chat Rooms for those who want to find people from the globe, anywhere you are anytime you want, join our free chat room to have wonderful chatting experience with wonderful people, this chatting room is not only for any specific race or community but not wrong if it is called Asian Chat or European Chat or Pakistani Chat or Indian Chat or American Chat or Chinese Chat or anywhere else in the world.Or perhaps you wish to chat in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Urdu or Punjabi (or maybe even learn the English language). we simply ask that you treat other chat users with dignity and respect.Pidgin is a chat program which lets you log in to accounts on multiple chat networks simultaneously.The place where there is affection, a few rules, people to let you know that they care and that they are there when you really need them to let you lean in and leave behind all the hustle and bustle of the scheduled routined lifestyle, to let go and retreat.