Pros and cons of dating a younger guy ghana adult dating site

These are just some of the pros and cons to consider when dating younger women and the situations commonly affecting couples with significant age differences.

The benefits of knowing ahead what you’re getting into will lessen the chances of you feeling sorry in the end. Yes, what do women find attractive otehr than good looks?

She says younger guys are generally clingier because they haven’t experienced as many relationships.

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But still, the decision is yours to decide if age makes a difference or not and if you are ready to face what others might think or say.After all, you’re the only one who knows what can truly make you happy and not them.Celebrities like Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz, Ivana Trump, and Linda Hogan all have had significant others more than 10 years their junior.With age differences sometimes pushing 20, or even 30 years, these couples obviously never learned (or at least, never followed) the “Never date anyone under half your age plus seven” Rule.It was good for your spirit, a great ego boost and got your engines revving again. Don’t let yourself suffer over something you knew had no lasting power and was a wonderful experience until the very end. Be honest with yourself and avoid the “no string thing” again. When you feel ready, make yourself available and hold your head high.

Let men pursue you just as you did with this fellow.

There used to be a stigma attached to dating younger women if you were a much older guy.

And while this is still the case to some degree, nowadays it has slowly faded as women dating younger men are even becoming socially acceptable.

These younger “cougars in training” have very specific names.

Barkley says a woman in her 20's is a kitten, a woman in her 30's is a puma, and a woman over the age of 60 is a panther.

We agreed from the outset to take it one day at a time and not immediately looking for LTR, but we were monogamous the whole time. Your reaction tells me this relationship had more meaning than you intended.