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Barry's article and its reader responses set me off to find a 2004 point play with "sesquioxidizing".

This was some time ago, and with the availability of downloadable word lists, this job is now much easier.

Nothing against scalable, mass-produced reliable cars, but I’m obsessed with perfection, and I can’t perfect much more than a small handful of patients at a time.

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Asmit, real name Arian Smit, clearly knows a thing or two about Scrabble, and he's been investigating a question for us that many players have pondered: "What is the highest possible scoring Scrabble move?

"What follows is Arian's findings, and how in a single move you can score a whopping !

The word lives on the web, it can be found in "The Archive of Endangered, Special, or Fun Words", with the text: Quite possibly some of these above records can still be improved.

There are unconfirmed reports that a 2069 point play was found in 1982 by Josepha Heifez Byrne using sesquioxidizing. Today I am working Peter-part-time (30-35 hours/week) on my medical practice, which is located in San Diego and NYC.It’s a very small practice and sort of referral only.It felt horrible for a few months, but I’m at peace with the fact that I can’t FTP at more than 4 watts/kg and probably never will again (especially since I think it was actually shortening my lifespan, not lengthening it).I will ride socially a couple of times per month, and find the experience fun and humbling simultaneously.One reader responded to Barry a few weeks later that with the word "sesquioxidizing", and a bit of luck, you could score around 1960 points.