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Director: Dana Gonzales In the third season finale, the girls attempt to put an end to the game.With so much happening and new information uncovered, will the girls be ready for what is waiting for them? Norris The liars face the fallout from what happened with Ian at the church, their parents have them talk with a therapist; Caleb returns to see Hanna; Spencer is told Toby is off-limits.

Director: Ron Lagomarsino In the season one finale, the girls go to an unlikely source for help to put an end to "A" and the mystery surrounding their friend. Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Ali returns to Rosewood High and hopes to help heal the damage she did years ago, but not if Mona and her army have anything to say about it; Caleb and an old foe return to Rosewood.

Director: Norman Buckley Everyone has something to hide, but having to live with those secrets can become a big burden for the liars; Spencer and Toby aren't able to be seen together; Rosewood police officer ...

See full summary » Director: Michael Damian Flashbacks from Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily's past occur when blind girl, Jenna, shows up in Rosewood.

Aria tries to stay away from her English teacher, Ezra Fitz. Director: Liz Friedlander All is not what it seems as "A" sends the girls on a hunt to destroy lives.

Nikko, un chanteur de rock en perdition, rencontre Courtney et sa troupe, qui préparent une comédie musicale pour un concours organisé par leur lycée.

Le jeune homme accepte alors de les aider et d'endosser le rôle principal.

There is a lot to be learned about this young idol because she is more than her role in Zoey 101 and Eye Candy.

Because I too like doing strange things with my eyebrows, I tried to do it and failed.

They add that another actress turned singer, Tammin Sursok, is set to be dropped by Sony BMG.

Here’s the movie’s synopsis: Nikko (Nolan Gerard Funk) is the next rock superstar and he plans to conquer the world with his band, Alloy.

Can the liars go through with their given tasks in order to save one, or will they ignore "A" to save those ...