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You can access investment accounts in Microsoft Money Sunset Deluxe either by clicking on Investing near the top of the page or by clicking on Investing Home on the left navigation bar.

The investing home screen in Microsoft Money opens up to a web page from MSN Money which is embedded in the software.

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Suddenly, starting this weekend, my portfolio/stocks are not updating from MSN. I put a "ticket" into Microsoft this morning, no response yet. I'll post the group on any resolution--the issue would seem tied to the "update" to moneycentral this weekend, but that is just a guess. And using a test money file (in case mine was corrupted).

They were were fine right up thru Friday, now it says it is downloading but they are never updated. I followed the instructions and got an error when I tried to update prices in the test file--Money told me it needed to be reinstalled. M I"m using Money 98 and I can not update the prices of my mutual funds.

If your account does not hold any cash, leave the amount at zero.

Click on finish, and the account will be set up in Microsoft Money takes you back to the Portfolio Manager.

I use MS Security Essentials, have one red icon showing no protection, another green showing full protection. -- surveyor Double-check that KB number & error code, please. Updating stocks After about a year of working fine, Money 2003 has suddenly stopped updating 2 stocks in a 10 stock portfolio. Started 3/4 months ago with 2002, continued with 2004, gradually getting worse until now almost never updates.

The stocks both still exist and Yahoo updates them instantly. Call summary always says error, money could not connect to online quotes server. Starting Friday, 05-20-05, online updates give me "Call complete, but # items could not be processed." and then lists every symbol as invalid. "Tom" wrote: Tom My stocks keep updating OK but since the weekend I get an error message that Money cannot update the value of the euro, also the following indexes All Ordinaries (Sydney), FTSE (London), and the Hang Seng (Hong Kong).I thought perhaps MS was cutting off this sevice to MOney 98 but it seems it affects newer versions as well. It's a real pain in the ass to manually update this information. -- Regards Bob Peel, Microsoft MVP - Money For UK tips & fixes see For wishes or suggestions see for UK wishes I do not respond to any emails that I have not specifically asked for. Stock Quotes download to Money 2004Unable to download MSN money quotes to Money 2004 portfolio.Many thanks, Mark -- mevett ----------------------------------------------------------------------- mevetts...How to record a stock award My company started giving out stock awards instead of stock options. Are you setting up your printer to legal first and then the page setup?To manage your portfolios from here click on portfolio manager, which you will find under the Investing tab on the MSN Money page.