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He suddenly passed away two days later from flu complications.

But Professor Cheng admits: ‘The vaccine does not look completely effective in all age groups.Generally, the vaccine is less effective in the elderly.’ This is because as you age, your immune response to vaccines (which is what makes it effective) and infections gets weaker, a process called immunosenescence.Welcome to Myfreewebcamshows, your number one online place for the most epic free live webcam sex experience.The place to be to watch the sexiest live web cam shows, chat with world's hottest models and broadcast your personal live web cam, to join other, like-minded men and women from all around this beautiful world.But by the Friday, his condition worsened so much that he was hospitalised.

The vaccine is also offered to anyone aged six months to 65 years with certain conditions, such as diabetes.

The spike in Australian cases has been caused by influenza A (H3N2) subtype, a strain that’s been circulating in humans since 1968.

As the flu season in Australia and the Southern hemisphere could be mirrored in the UK and the rest of the Northern hemisphere, the NHS is now bracing itself for a similar outbreak.

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