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), celebrated genre filmmakers Adam Green (HATCHET, FROZEN, DIGGING UP THE MARROW) and Joe Lynch (EVERLY, WRONG TURN 2, KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM) host this informative and inspiring filmmaking podcast that has been called “audio film school” by both aspiring and working artists alike.Showcasing a different celebrity or other accomplished industry professional each week, Adam and Joe lead extremely candid discussions that focus on each guest’s individual journey through Hollywood and their comical, heartbreaking, and brutally honest tales from the trenches that reveal far more insight about the business than any film class could ever offer.

We are little brethren twain, arbiters of loss and gain; man to our counters run, some are made, and some undone; but men find it, to their cost, few are made, but numbers lost; though we play them tricks for ever, yet they always hope our favor.

Sharpen your wits, open your eyes, look beyond my exteriors, read me backwards, forwards, upside down. By the couch of the sick, I am frequently found, And I always attend on the dead; With patient affliction, I sit on the ground, But if talk'd of, I'm instantly fled.

Long, hard, and straight, thrusting into a round, dark opening. Puffing and squealing noises accompanied it, then a final screech as it slowed and stopped.

What I cover is very complex, and I am very easy to flex.

There's one of me for everything, through only four are we. But Then, I am an act you'll do, when standing at the range. They gave to me some diet drink that often made me mad but it made peace between two kings and made two lovers glad.

I have greatest power when given away, yet lust for me keeps me locked away. I through the town do take my flight, and through the fields and meadows green, and whether it be day or night, I neither am nor can be seen. They make no sense at all, In them you either fly or fall. They took me from my mother's side where I was bravely bred and when to age I did become they did cut off my head.On a very special episode of THE MOVIE CRYPT: Legendary editor/actor Pasquale Buba has been slicing his way through Hollywood (and a few mall bound undead along the way) and the boys had a chance to sit down with the industry vet for a very funny, very candid talk about his career.The CREEP 2 gang of filmmakers Mark Duplass (THE ONE I LOVE, THE LEAGUE) Patrick Brice (CREEP, THE OVERNIGHT) and Desiree Akhavan (APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR) stopped by the Crypt to discuss their critically acclaimed sequel to the original 2014 film.Filmmaker Adam Wingard (DEATH NOTE, YOU’RE NEXT, BLAIR WITCH) discusses his career journey with Adam, Joe, and Arwen…from childhood filmmaking aspirations to his 2007 debut POP SKULL to last year’s BLAIR WITCH to his latest film DEATH NOTE and his upcoming blockbuster GODZILLA VS. You know Graham Skipper as an actor from films like ALMOST HUMAN, TALES OF HALLOWEEN, and BEYOND THE GATES but this year he stepped into the director’s chair with his debut feature SEQUENCE BREAK which is currently tearing up the festival circuit. Though I do not speak, I oft impart The secret wishes of the heart; I may deceive, may make amends, May create foes, and yet make friends.