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These aren’t burial chambers; they’re temples or governmental buildings, or maybe bathhouses, or oatcake factories.

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The Iroquois Confederacy has been a “gyneocracy” since 1000 AD: In our society, women are the center of all things. While we were there, a highly stylized Venus sculpture arrived at Tankerness House Museum in Kirkwall, twenty miles away.She had recently been discovered on the nearby island of Westray and was companionably called the Westray Wifey.We do so by intervening within public spaces and in the gallery through the act of curating and working with projection, video, photography, performance, fore-mostly as storytellers, then as artists.A free opening event will take place on Thursday 1 June, from 6pm – 8pm at the Level 1 Gallery in the Yarra Building – if you would like to hear from some of the Matriarchs and celebrate this exhibition, please RSVP to [email protected] call 03 8662 6336.They even allow themselves to speculate occasionally on what went on there. Give them enough, and maybe one day they’ll dare to admit that the substantial, unified community that erected these ambitious structures was not only skillful, spiritual, and high on protein, but .

They just found two paths elaborately formed out of the tibias of six hundred cows, diagonally stacked. Supty Yoo In modern dwellings in Orkney, the main issue is heat.

Oddly, some have traces of gluten, though there’s no gluten in oats, and the seaweed versions have traces of shellfish (what—they got stuck in the seaweed? And then there’s the palm oil, which makes many a humble oatcake politically unsound, palm oil not being a big local product.

The traditional Scottish diet[9] used to be a healthy one of oats, potatoes, fish, berries, milk, and a little meat—it was almost paleo, apart from the oats and the milk (and the whiskey)—but now they’re uprooting rain forests, starving orangutans, and allowing flying kangaroos to crash to the ground, just to get enough palm oil to make an oatcake that goes with Orkney cheese.

They are made from either pinhead oatmeal or flakes, or both, along with flour, milk powder, sucrose, and other unexpected additives.

Some have been adulterated with sun-dried tomatoes or chipotle.

Not one of the nobler cheeses of the world, Orkney cheddar comes in two forms: yellow or orange.