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Others develop a heightened sense of self-importance and arrogance, as they slap the word “biblical” in front of each of their opinions, claiming to speak on behalf of God on every given topic.Still others live complete lies, lecturing the congregation on the importance money management on Sunday while struggling to overcome secret credit card debt on Monday.Mac Auley continues to push for left-wing totalitarianism here in the U. because her being arrested in Turkey wasn’t a wake up call.

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Lacy Mac Auley is a well known radical left-wing Antifa organizer in Washington D. She was featured in Project Veritas’ undercover videos which exposed the #Disrupt J20 plot to violently disrupt President Trump’s inauguration.

Just like every other lunatic leftist, Lacy fell in love with Islam and became obsessed with helping Syrian ‘refugees’, wholeheartedly believing that Islam is the religion of peace.

Two days later, however, I was jailed by Turkish police for several hours when I tried to simply enter a large public speech in Antalya by the president of Turkey.

(They make a habit of jailing reporters and activists, and I didn’t look like I fit their norms.

I had put myself in a place of dependence upon a person who, as it turned out, would have liked to keep me by his side and control my every move. In the following weeks, I was violently pushed, blocked from leaving freely, and repeatedly told not to speak. I endured threats that I would be burnt with cigarettes, flinching as he “faked” with his lit cigarette. He verbally criticized me for using social media, my main link to the rest of my life back in the US, and tried to discourage me from using it.

He hindered, rather than helped, the work I tried to do there. I had to duck to avoid having sharp objects thrown at my face. He forced me to unfriend one Turkish man on Facebook, and wanted me to unfriend many more.

I wrote about this experience with the Turkish police here.) I had an “out of the frying pan and into the fire” sensation. She still kept believing this Turkish Muslim man believed in women’s rights because ‘he said he did’.

There is much more posted on her blog which you can read here. No matter how many times he beat and raped her, she still ‘saw the silver lining in her activism’.

In places where Mark has been insensitive in the past, he seems to have softened a bit.