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Unfortunately the ages of prisoners are not recorded until 1841 for the Home District gaol. The Home District jail register does record those classified as 'lunatics', pre-dating by four years the beginning of official insane asylum records in Toronto.

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It would appear that while there were numerous prisoners of a 'local' nature, ie.

in a jail close to home, there were also those individuals who were in jails a long way from their family homes; persons who could not adapt to the harsh life, constant labor and ill treatment they may have experienced on the pioneer family farm, and made their way to towns where they start over, often ending up on the wrong side of the law.

The , in Toronto, very likely received most of its prisoners from the growing city of Toronto itself, as well as from York County, Peel County, Simcoe County and some townships of Old Ontario County.

Records begin in 1837, with the uprising bringing in many prisoners accused of treason.

His straw bed was ' a pillow of ease for the heads of dirty, drunken, spewing vagrants.' He described the peppery appearance of the blankets...covered with crawling and nimble-footed fleas.

Twelve inch long rats, and rank odours from sewers beneath the jail are described in detail.

The situation of coloured people in the Chatham area, female inebriety, the effects of whiskey on Canadian judges are also covered in Brown's plea for justice for debtors.

This database (at present) includes records from the old Newcastle District (Cobourg) Gaol, the Whitby (Ontario County) Gaol, the Hastings County (Belleville) Gaol, the Home District (York, Peel, Ontario Counties) Gaol, the York - Peel County Gaol, the Woodstock (Oxford County) Gaol, the Welland County Gaol, the Lennox-Addington County Gaol at Napanee, the Lincoln County Gaol at St.

As for the , it seems likely that the prison population likely mirrored the population of the rising city of Toronto as a whole - immigrants, as well as many sons and daughters of pioneer settlers of other regions, 'escapees' from life on the farm!

The York - Peel County Jail register recorded name, age, birthplace, date of imprisonment, by whom committed, offences, date of sentence, court (type), sentence, when discharged, and how discharged.

blankets, 6 brooms, towelling, 2 ash boxes, 2 large water casks.