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Photos: 1 & 2) George Edward & Jennie Minerva (Milk) Conrad, early years; 3 & 4) George Edward & Jennie (Milk) Conrad, early years; 5 & 6) Jennie in wedding gown; Jennie in formal gown; 7 & 8) Grandfather Platt and his wife; 9) Possibly four generation picture, Jennie holding newly born Platt; 10-11) farm pictures possibly from Conrad or Oak Dene, Jennie’s farm. Second Annual Newton County Music Festival, Friday Evening, April 5, 1640, p.m. Brook: (1) Smallpox condition to dispense with every kind of public gathering until there is thorough fumigation. Jenkins at Schneider superintending construction of Lake/Newton county bridge. Lyons finished packing his goods and left for new home at Ligonier. Ayr and Rensselaer completed, making continuous route from Morocco to Rensselaer and points beyond. Area Boasted as Popular Resort Town, reprinted from “Our Hoosier Heritage, 1988. Images of Jennie Conrad Revealed on Facebook, Submitted by Doug Wolfe to Facebook, submitted to us by Joanne Iwinski Miller. Reprinted from “Tales of an Old Border Town and Along the Kankakee” by Burt Burroughs.

Miller Advertisers in the 1916 Atlas of Newton County. Lester, (father of Sarah); “Linnie” (Malinda Sapp), daughter of John and Sarah from Sapp Family Collection Mt. Ayr Hotel with Frank and Mary Johnson in horse and buggy. Ayr Band, 1919, Dick Harris, Gilbert Brown, Robert Hufty, Forest Asby, Perry Stucker, Ernest Corbin, Charlie Longwell, Carl Faylor, Fred Hardy, Bill Faylor, Cecil Shaw, Loran Snow, Donald Lynch, Hamlin Crisler, Kenneth Lynch, Clarence Corbin, Charlie Lynch, Mr. On Line With Our Officers, Submitted by President Janet Miller Photos: 1) Resource Window Display – “A Salute of Newton County Alumni”; 2) Glenn Miller display; 3) Members old prom dresses on display; 3) Kentland Girl Scout Troop 2097 tour – Breanna Jones, Leader Patricia Hudak, Candice Hudak, Chrystal Richardson; 4) South Newton Elementary 4 Photos of Herbs/Plants/Trees/Shrubs Used for Eating and Healing 1) Spikenard; 2) Wild Sarsaparilla; 3) Black Haw; 4) Seneca Snake Root; 5) Wild Onions; 6) Anise; 7) May Apple; 8) White Oak tree; 9) White Oak acorns; 10) Basswood; 11) Aspen; 12: Dutchman’s Breechers 1962 photo of Newton County Registered Nurses touring Eli Lilly in Indianapolis: Mary Farrell, R. Dan Graves, John Brown, Jonathan Bell, Neil Shue, Finley Shafer, Jacob Hosier, Fred Bartholomew, George Clark, George Weber, William Handley, F. Bottom row, standing – John Don, Andrew Flowers, Rev. Greenway, Fred Mashino Photos: Lake Village Elementary third grade class at Resource Center; Pat Wisniewski operating camera while Jeff Manes interviews Linda Schwartzlose, granddaughter of Alexander “Kankakee Ned” Barker; “Jennie Conrad” aka Verna Marcum posing with Linda (Barker) Schwartzlose during Kentland’s Sesquicentennial Resource Center Open House in October 2010.

Bess, Roselawn; 2) Julius Christianson home, Lake Village; 3) James R. Ayr area; Gerald Born and Sharyn Harvey book contains information about 1910 settlers in Roselawn, Thayer, Shelby. 1887, Cynthia, John, George, Carrie, Susannah, Marie, Elizabeth, Fan, Grace; 2) The Tea Party in Kentland 1883 – only person identified was Carrie E. who…what…where – inquiries from our website; Two photos of ’55 Ford – Current Owners of a 1955 Ford Thunderbird seeks Original Roots; An Inquiry from Across the Pond – Morocco connection; Tebo Family inquiry Photo, circa 1902/03, Teressa Ellen (Rogers) Sapp; John Williams Sapp and a baby(? John Wesley Sapp, Sarah Olive (Lester) Sapp, wife/husband; Abraham C. Ayr class of 1917-1918, Hazel Jenkins, Faith Lambert, Jennie Benson, Ruby Standish, Vera Wicher, Vera Standish, Lera Standish, Ellsworth Warren, Ernest Harris, Lysle Elijah, Herbert Miller, Percy Chamberlain, Frances Warren, teacher unknown; 2) Mt. Mallatt, Wilson Spaulding, Fred Spitler, Winton Jacobs, Amel Taylor, Frank Brewer, Frank Martin, Harley Padgett, Frank Troup, Thomas Kane, Ed (Frenchie) Polen. Photos contributed by Judy Schultz Recipes of the Past – Recipes from old cookbook including possum, grouse, squirrel pie, hasenpfeffer, roast squirrel, Brunswick stew; Uncle Dave’s Apple Cake and Uncle Dave’s Cabbage & Beet Soup; Uncle Dave’s Cajun Meatloaf Article & Photo: Jeff Mashino’s Tribute to his Grandfathers, both Civil War Veterans: Standing, back row from left – Sam Thomas, Capt.

Paul Weston and antique jugs Hobby Club July 1950 photo: Sudie Herath, Luella Strole, Lois Mc Carty, Chester Anderson, Diana, Vinnie West, Reuben Hess, Jesse Camblin, Iota Camblin, Wanda Jean Herath, Mrs. Photos: (1) Early photo of the Newton County Stone Quarry at Kentland, contributed by David Dye. (3) Ethel and Olive Murfitt of Jackson, out for a ride with the dog. Ringer’s barber chair recently donated to the Newton County Historical Society by the Kemp family.1963 – A Year of Major Developments in Lake Village Area – copy of the December 27, 1963 masthead of the Villager. Will Little, the barber, was rented the house vacated by Mr. Washington Twp: (1) Miss Zelda Whaley and Ray Risley were married at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr.

Kent; 2) clock on main floor dedicated to Eloise Schuster, handmade by her husband; 3) radiator, one of many that heated the courthouse since its beginning in 1906 Photos: 1) symbol of torch and stars painted on walls of Circuit Court; 2) Lady Justice ceiling of Superior Court; 3) scales of justice on bench of Circuit Court; 4) chandelier ceiling of the Circuit Court Photos; 1) Courthouse shows lettering installed in 1998; 2) World War I cannon on front lawn of courthouse; 3) Stone on front lawn commemorates Kentland-Newton County Centennial 1860-1960; 4) Bench monument for Honorable Robert Smart 5) bench monument for State Trooper Todd Burman; 6) D. Photos: 1) Four Cooper brothers putting “caps” on wheat shocks; 2) Binding the wheat; 3) threshing set up and working; 4) Ben “Uncle Sam” Combs, on 75 Stock Farms in Newton County by Beth Bassett – Homestead Stock Farm, Samuel G. Conrad; Fairwood Stock Farm, Clyde Herriman, Eggleston Farm, C. Photo of gathering of Newton County veterans and citizens at Prairie Vine Cemetery in Washington Township June 2011 to honor John C. Photo: Kyle Conrad, Mike Beck, Past Camp Commander, Benjamin Harrison Camp; Benjamin Harrison Camp Commander Garry Walls and Tim Beckman, Past Camp Commander, Benjamin Harrison Camp. Morocco High School Yearbook – The Moroccan – 1924. Photo: Panoramic shot taken on September 13, 1924 of 1923-24 students at Morocco contributed by Dennis Boyd. Photo supplied by Frank Manning of Lake Village and reprinted from February 11, 1960 Newton County Enterprise. Pictured copy of the original charter of the Kentland Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution which has found a permanent home at the Resource Center of the Newton County Historical Society. Submitted by Judy (Cupp) Schultz Photos: (1) “Everglades Premier,” L-R, back row, Barbara and Bernie Murphy, Larry and Becky Lyons; center, L-R, Janet and Rich Miller, David and Darlene Truby; front, L-R, Shirley Miller, Nancy and Mike Coates, Lorene Bassett, Beth Bassett; (2) “Holiday Open House,” L-R, Dave Truby, Barbara Murphy, Terry Dieter, Kay Mc Lean, Tom Larson, Larry Lyons, Cathy Larson, Darlene Truby, Sharon Collins, the boys are Tom and Cathy’s grandsons, Cory and Ethan; (3) Window Display – “The Night Before Christmas in a One Room Schoolhouse.”; (4) Janet Miller and Barbara Murphy at the Open House family). Alexander and his daughters, their husbands and Jack Campbell, Marilla’s brother. L-R, Ray Barrett, Marion, Mellie, Stella, Ed, Marie and Maude. Photos: (1) “I Hear that Train A’Comin” …Johnny Cash, Orange Blossom Special, James Whitcomb Riley engine which utilized the New York Central tracks in Kentland. Photos: (1) Society member Mike Davis portraying George Ade during visit to Hazelden by South Newton fourth grade classes. List includes: Bald Knob, Beaver Lake Farm, Beaver Lake Channel, Beegum Ridge, Bingaman’s Island, Black Oak Island, Blue Grass Landing, Cherry Island, Darroch’s Ridge, Devil’s Island, Eagle’s Nest Ridge, Forest City, Frenchman’s Slough, Hickory Island, Horse Thief Hill, Hunter’s Point, Little Lake, Moorman Hill, Rafferty Ranch, Range Line Bridge, Squawk Island, Thayer’s Landing, Water Valley, Wheatons Arm, White Oak Island, White Oak Landing, Wild Cat Island Pages of the Past – Excerpts taken from The Newton County Enterprise during Spring/Summer of 1914 by Janet Miller. Starett, Frank Henderson, Otis Gordon, Alva Herriman, Roy Miller and Bert Dickson. (5) Post office department officially recommending use of automobiles instead of horses. Sammons a member of the school board to success Mrs. Photos by Beth Bassett Photo #2: 1909 Brook Baseball team, in George Ade or Fred Lyon’s auto; L-R, back: Orpheus Lyons, ?

If errors were made, please contact the Newton County Historical Society. 3) History of Goodland lead by Anne Meyer and Karen Schuette. Also housed Masonic Temple and gentleman’s quarters for Jacobs. Photos by Beth Bassett The North/South Railroad and Its Kentland Depot by Beth Bassett; photo taken in 1906, 16 mule and horse teams and drivers building the sub-grade one mile north of Ade for the CIS, part of the New York Central Railroad system Recollections and a Train Wreck by Beth Bassett; photo of school children atop the engine of the train that wrecked in Kentland on Oct. Curtis, Steve Rathbun, Chuck Thompson, Tom Kindell, Jim Hermanson, Dave Patterson, Jim Thompson, John Hess, Jim Johnston, Bob Johnson, Jim Burley, Larry Antcliff. Not pictured: Alberta Bernwanger, Thomas Purdy, Albert Yates, Rue Gene Starr. (2) Fred Don at Conrad and secured contract for building a ranch house for Mrs. Goodland: (1) Judge Hanley made following appointments: Mrs.

Please note that all contributions to the editorial content of "The Newcomer" is all volunteer. The issue dates are based upon the seasons, following Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Early Photos, Goodland: 1) Griggs & Weishaar Building and Bringham Brothers 2) Jacobs building housed a dry goods store owned by Rufus Jacobs called the F. Are These Members of Your Family: 1) Gary Clifton of California purchased on family portrait – does anyone know the family pictured? 16, 1912 (Indiana Historical Society Digital Collection). Table 1 – team members, their numbers, height, and grade; Table 2 – Season Record stats Photo: Brook High School Basketball Team 1960-61 Senior Letterman: Larry Antcliff, Roy Kindig, Jim Burley, Bob Johnson, Chuck Thompson, Tom Kindell, Rocky Nelson, Jim Hermanson, Jim Johnston, Dave Patterson, Wayne Strole, John Hess, Jim Thompson. Picture taken by grandson Ivan Hafstrom on the occasion of the Smart Reunion. (2) 1934 Sectional Basketball Champions, Morocco Beavers: Wyle Dee Bryant, Elbert Archibald, Charles Myers, Albert Yates, Robert Ackors, Principal Cecil Grayson, Don Deardurff, Ivan Hafstrom, Coach Jessie Lash, Grover Padgett, Milton “Bud” Shuey, Tom Downs, Manager Daryl Brandt.

(2) Threshing day at the Jon Murfitt farm in Jackson Township. Lake Village newspaper owned by John and Claire Upfield, recently switched to an Offset Lithography press. Marker Placed for the Patron and Farmer’s Agricultural Fair By Janet Miller. Preston Roberts of Jackson Twp celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary with son Bela F.

Photos: (1) West by-pass of Lake Village created in 1963; (2) Newly created entrance on the south side of Lake Village heading north on U. Photos: (1) Marker near the site of the Patron and Farmer’s Agricultural Fair to commemorate George Herriman’s donation of land for the fair. Louis Sainte, Lawson Cooke, John Cooke and Louis Sainte.

You can now download a web pdf of each edition of "The Newcomer" from this site. Beth Bassett photograph Old Photographs of Brook School – Our Web Site Brings New-Old Photographs to the Surface. Hiestand, Third Grade photo, Brook School: Wringle, Strain, David Fred, Leveron Denton, Bus Herriman, Thomas Whaling, Carl Coon, Milford Alice (Allis), Albert Staton, Ardeth Shepard, Chester Hiestand, ?? Information regarding history of yearbook/school newspaper contributed by Judy Schultz. Photo of the Kentland DAR Chapter members: Kathryn Arbuckle, Margaret Lah, Marilyn Whaley, Fannie Sue Henry, Regent, Kentland Chapter, Martha Barnhart, Indiana State Regent, Mary Jeane Gray, Janet Miller, Melinda Henry. (2) Kentland Switch Tower (now gone) located at intersection of the Penn and YYC railroads on US 24. Dickson received a late Christmas present – an English plum pudding – sent by a niece and nephew in Cambridgeshire, England. (2) Fourth grade classes of South Newton Elementary visit to Resource Center: Becky Lyons provided information on Ella (Ade) Mc Cray. Kentland: (1) New addition to the Discount and Deposit State Bank completed; Champion oats yield by Charles Spangler at 42 bushels. (6) Colton Dramatic Co will open under the big tent in Kentland.

If you are interested in copies any of these newsletter please contact the Newton County Historical Society. de Whaling, Gunner Montgomery, Miss Eunice Brand, Mazy Barker, Veneral Allis, Deloris Hiestand, De Loine Davis, Hazel Mills, Virginia Hinchman, Martha Griggs, Arthail Whaling, Bill Woods, Gerald Light, Ralph Kindig – circa 1923-24. Photo: Agnes Molter Newton County Fair Association – One of the First Newton County Fair Membership Certificates – made out to Samuel E. Photos: 1) Gooseneck Bridge, 2) Railroad Bridge (both bridges spanned the Iroquois River between Jefferson and Washington Townships; 3) Intersection of Union and Newton Streets, Goodland, Indiana circa 1900Morocco Centennial Photographs: 1) Sandy & Joe Padgett on ponies; 2) Adley Boyd & Esther (Deardurff) Boyd; 3) June Murphey, Doug Boyd, Bonnie (Boyd) Wagner; 4) Jack Storey on Farmall tractor; 5) Ella Mae (Milk) Kessler; 6) Hancock Funeral Home parade entry Pictured – Jacob Hess, store operator; Wilbert Davis (possibly), Jack Bingham, Albert & Henry Rainford, Mr. Historical compilations underway in county: 1) The History of Mt. June 2013 Newton County Historical Society Annual Meeting, Hosted by Sig Boezeman, held on his farm in Lincoln Township. Roselawn: (1) Trustee Gundy down from Roselawn Monday filing annual report with the auditor. Larry Lyons talked about different fowl and fauna of the Beaver Lake Country. Town Developed as Railroads were laid through Area by Donna Lacosse, Morocco Courier, “Our Hoosier Heritage, 1988. (2) Orchard Lake tenants enjoy day as guests of Warren T.

Hershman, Jr.; 3) John R., Lesta Ann Gibbons; 4) Jack Hershman, Helen R.