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Pro Tools 11-12, Cubase Pro 8 / For Mac OS X Sierra, I use a Macbook Pro mid-2012, i7, 2.9 Ghz, 16gb with SSD 1TB.i Lok License Manager is an app installed by Pro Tools.

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I'm pretty sure ALL plugs received updates in the last year.

If nothing else, I know they all got the ability to copy/paste from the waves toolbar If in question, just go into Central and go to install, and install all your products - which will install the latest versions for ya As far as receiving updates - even if you are out of WUP you get ALL updates to your plugs all the way through your version.

If you are outside of this area then you can find other 4x4 Response Groups on the 4x4 Response UK site HERE If you need to call us out, please click on the link below: Group Contacts Contact Chairman Contact Secretary Contact Treasurer Mail Address Yorkshire 4x4 Response Regency House, Westminster Place, York Business Park, York, YO26 6RW.

In 2005, v Bulletin 3.5 was released that addressed some of the shortcomings of 3.0 (discussed later on).

During this time Jeremy Hutchings joined the development team, a.k.a.

However, version 3 was finally released in March 2004.

After subsequent minor releases of their Software, the two decided to start working on a new version that would be more than a rewrite of UBB: they wanted to turn their software into a competitive solution for forums.

Rewriting the entirety of the product, v Bulletin 2 commenced development.

Is it a regional issue with BMW online or do I have a connected drive issue?

In case anyone is having the same issue, here's an email response I received from BMW...

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