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It's a wild ride in the very literal sense of the term, following a sheisty and ragtag group of bank robbers who are intent on terrorizing Atlanta for every penny they can steal. Baby had a traumatic upbringing (no spoilers here) and found himself indebted to the leader of the robber ring with forced servitude the only way to pay it off: He's a master behind the wheel and is obligated to join in on the heists until the two are even.

At the helm of it all is Elgort's Baby, who acts as the innocent (relatively speaking) and law-abiding (even more relatively speaking) getaway driver. The entire flick is centered around Baby's love of music—he has tinnitus from a childhood accident and the only way to absolve it is constantly playing music on his many stolen i Pods—and every step and line of dialogue that Elgort delivers is to the beat of an incredible soundtrack.

Everyone should see this movie, but even more importantly it has put him at the highest point of his young career.

Elgort starred opposite Shailene Woodley (he played her do-gooder brother, Caleb Prior) and he enjoyed the rather instant notoriety that comes along with starring in a major action flick that sends its stars on a worldwide press tours. He came onto the scene the way many of Hollywood's young A-list does: By way of a teen movie. It all started with the now-defunct franchise—before audiences realized they could only absorb so many dystopian futures, they were flocking to the theater to watch Young Adult novels played out onscreen by the industry's freshest faces.Or the time that he boasted about buying his mom a pair of Louboutins, only to have her complain that the heels were too high.Or the time he talked about losing his virginity at 14. So proud and happy to see you go on to do so many great films and leaving me in the dust to live in my glory days of keeping the HSM fans / Wildcats fed with occasional love notes and throwbacks in the form of memes and my struggling identity crisis when I forget and wake up thinking I’m still coaching the East High Wildcats and Darbus is still the biggest conflict in my life. This pic is a throwback to #HSM2 premier when I didn’t wear this shirt but man I wish I would have. just a couple of regular ole leading men, just about the same age that the entire world refers to as the two biggest heart throbs on earth.

but it’s hard when she has literally ruined everything in my life. but I’m glad it’s you I get to take this journey with. I call it the “Bolton Curse” and you have to just accept the lifetime of love and admiration that’s constantly thrown at you. Elgort is equal parts dopey and awesome, awkward and badass. It's almost laughable to compare anything in this movie to one of Zac Efron's musical endeavors, because .(Sorry.) Elgort is drawing praise from his male costars in the movie as well, with Jamie Foxx telling E! ( Thanks for the shirt @rowlandbb ) 🏀🐾 #zacefron #troybolton #coachbolton #boltoncurse #hsm A post shared by Bart Johnson (@bart_johnson) on , with one obvious doctored difference: Johnson is wearing a shirt with Zac Efron’s face emblazoned across it (and apparently actually owns said shirt). The painfully adorable baby face didn't hurt either. Elgort reprised his partnership with Woodley, playing the ill-fated Gus to her ill-fated Hazel. That's not to say that there isn't a wealth of talent or attractiveness, but rather many belong in categories of their own: The badass actor, the brooding actor, the hot nerd.