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But Senna as the child of a wealthy Brazilian landowner could fund his own car and career; Byrne, a self-confessed “knacker from Dundalk” couldn’t.He would still race F1 for a few races but ultimately his career would be one big procession of working with lunatics, like a London-Irish car dealer who mixed with some Italian hoodlums to a rich Mexican alcoholic bisexual playboy who ended up shooting himself not long after trying to shoot Byrne.Her father naturally confronts him but what does Dunwoody do? The Rocky Road (2013, Penguin) The more his career has gone on, the more there’s been a sense Eamon Dunphy has been clocking it in, to use his own parlance, “gone to lunch”.Returns to the sauna, doesn’t even visit her, instead goes off to win a few races and only sees her a few days later when she’s discharged. But you can tell his heart was fully in this project, a magnificent memoir of his childhood, football career and first decade and a bit in journalism, taking us right up to a personal and national watershed, the 1990 World Cup.In 2008 he continues to struggle with his father’s passing, his identity and decreasing interest in hurling, while rarely has a season in the doldrums been as vividly and humanly captured as Griffin’s account of Clare’s 2009 season.

At the end of it all Griffin’s sensitive, restless mind and soul is more at peace.The Irish Examiner’s sports department were charged with agreeing a definitive list of Ireland’s greatest sports books.After much argument here’s their countdown of the top 40.Rarely have still-active Irish sports people been so forthcoming in giving an insight into their match-day prep and psyche, a testament to interviewing skills.The immediacy and generosity of these insights, allied to the wonderful photography of Billy Stickland and his Inpho team, make these books among the most handsome and treasured of the previous decade. House Of Pain: Through the Rooms of Mayo Football (2007, Mainstream) Duggan is one of Irish sportswriting’s most stylish talents of the last 20 years and nowhere has that been more evident than here.Here was a Dunwoody we’d never known before, as he’d reveal just how selfish and addictive he’d become in the pursuit of being champion jockey.