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Track your progress and see how good you become with time. 9 Moves: Ball Game is a fast-paced reflexes game that is ideal for training your skills and improving your quick thinking.The objective in Off The Block is to match the colors of the inner blocks with the outer boxes. Your objective is to move the the nine balls from one side to the other while preventing them from hitting any of the obstacles that appear in every level. A simply-designed but complete trade tracker app for those who don't need anything else.As a colleague put it: “I first thought the fence meant that I am behind it, safe from interruptions and intrusions on my privacy.” Privacy is clearly a huge issue here.

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Then again, geofencing can support entertainment and social apps such as gaming, or, as Roumeliotis suggests, dating.“We set up a system in 2004 for a dating service with a Korean telecom company,” he says.“Background processing has been an issue with smartphones,” says Roumeliotis.“We’re trying to fix the client-side issues with more efficient software, and in the case of i Phone, we expect things to ease up with the introduction of i Phone OS 4 [which boosts background processing for Apple’s smartphones].Not all the problems of geofencing are related to privacy.

Cell phones are notorious for inefficiency when it comes to battery life and GPS function.

Maybe the first example — a local restaurant or retailer pushing an ad — doesn’t appeal to most users, but applications in personal security may find an audience.

Whether it’s knowing that a child has left school and should be arriving home soon, or alerting people in a certain area of a looming natural disaster, geofencing can serve as a way to find people when absolutely necessary.

And since cell phones can recognize velocity, such services can distinguish between someone in a car, who’s inside a “dynamic”, or moving, geofence and someone in a “static” geofence, such as a shopping mall.

So a safety app would automatically turn a driver’s cell phone’s texting capabilities off and work only with voice command, so as not to interfere with the driving, especially significant where texting is already illegal.

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