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I'm not exactly small up top, but I'm not huge either, so stop gawking.Kacy and Tina were more that appreciative of their leers, and inevitably the boys' attention gravitated to girls who were more receptive. " he asked "Yeah," I smiled, thrilled that he remembered my name.

A Foreign woman who marries a Pakistani man may find herself spun in a web of deception.

Many of the women marry these men without knowing the truth.

Although most of the women don’t know that the Pakistani man uses those qualities to trap them.

It’s important to realize that some of these men are deceitful.

Over the years, here at polygamy 411, I’ve learned a lot about this topic from our commentators.

Some married Pakistani men not knowing that the men were already married.As I headed down the boardwalk to the hotel, Matt and his buddy joined me. Amy." "Well, I just won this bear and I was going to give it to the first pretty girl I saw," Matt said "Dude," Greg interrupted. But I'd like to give it to you." "Oh, um, thanks," I stuttered as I hemmed for a moment.He held it out to me and pantomimed it asking me in a funny voice if he could go home with me. Soon we were walking back to the hotel together, me with my towel a book in one hand, a teddy bear in the other, and a hot guy on either side.Therefore, the people in Pakistan may not know of the wife who is in the US or the UK. Thus, she becomes what is known as a “Secret Wife.” One day her husband may say he has to go back to Pakistan for a visit. In the first place, why do these Pakistani men do this to foreign women?Mainly, they do it to get citizenship/naturalization/immigration status in the US or the UK.The men throw them out as though they were a piece of trash.