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Sinha will be the third police officer after Prasad’s transfer to lead the team of about 3,000 crack commandoes handpicked from police forces across the country and put through a gruelling training programme.

The senior-most SPG officer, SS Chaturvedi briefly held the charge before the government moved in IPS officer Vivek Srivastava to the SPG from the intelligence bureau to oversee the PM’s security.

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It was Srivastava, who headed the IB’s Patna office, who coordinated arrangements for Modi’s security after serial explosions went off in the city hours before Modi landed.

Government sources said Srivastava – who was recently given an extension till October 2016 – had indicated his willingness to return to the intelligence bureau.

While Left and RSS cadres have targeted each other for years in a bloody conflict, there is evidence to suggest that the violence has become more one-sided with the left now in power.

Moreover, Narendra Modi’s nationwide appeal of Hindutva plus good governance should ideally resonate powerfully in God’s Own Country where temples and trade unions nestle in close proximity, where religion and class identities co-exist.

he SPG had been without a full-time chief for nearly 15 months, after the PMO eased out its director Durga Prasad in November 2014 while he was preparing for Modi’s Nepal visit.

Last month, Prasad was finally appointed to head the Central Reserve Police Force(Arvind Yadav/ Hindustan Times)The Centre on Thursday appointed Kerala cadre police officer, AK Sinha, to head the special protection group (SPG) that protects Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former PMs.Post-script: On the very day that the BJP’s Kerala campaign was the top headline across ‘national’ news channels, the local media was obsessing with top Malayalam film star Dileep who was released on bail after spending months in jail on serious abduction and molestation charges.Like many of us in the media, Delhi-based politicians too need to come to terms with the ‘tyranny of distance’: Thiruvananthapuram Dur Ast!This does not mean the BJP cannot grow in Kerala: if political Islam continues to radicalise Muslim youth, if the Pinarayi Vijayan government fails to check political violence, if the Congress remains a party lacking energy and cohesion, then the BJP does have a future in the state.But to march ahead, the BJP must shed its core Hindutva prejudices : Kerala can be conquered by spreading harmony, not fomenting hatred.This wasn’t the discordant politics of saffron-robed Swamis and Mahants seeking to target minorities but the reformist zeal of iconic figures like a Narayana Guru who challenged religious orthodoxies and pushed for spiritual freedom and social equality.