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He later takes on various exploits to hamper the Justice League and out them as threats to global security so he may do as he pleases unopposed.

A supercomputer from the planet Krypton who survived the planet's destruction.

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When the police busted the operation, Mannheim let Winslow take the fall, and the kindly toymaker spent the rest of his life in prison.Now Schott's son seeks revenge, adopting the identity of Toyman and using a variety of deadly toy-themed weapons and death traps against the gangster and his mooks. He later joins the Legion of Doom in Edward was an engineer at Lex Corp who specialized in light and laser manipulation.A genius multi-billionaire living in Metropolis who is the chief executive of his own company, Lex Corp.In reality, he's a sociopath with a thirst for power and control, which he will gladly go to any length to have.His craft landed in a Kansas field, where he was discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who raised the boy as their son under the name "Clark." As Clark matured under Earth's yellow sun, he gained superhuman powers such as nigh-unlimited physical strength and the power of flight.

As an adult, he moved to Metropolis to work as a newspaper reporter at the .Unfortunately, he had little money, and could only achieve his dream by taking a loan from gangster Bruno Mannheim.The toy company soon became a front for Intergang activities.Their upbringing of Clark and acceptance of his alien origins help shaped him into what he is.A Metropolis cop who is part of the Special Crimes Unit.Darkseid's ultimate goal is dominion over all life and existence: to that end he is forever seeking the 'Anti-Life Equation', a form of cosmic knowledge which could be used as an ultimate weapon.