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Physical inspection of pets in the OISA In order to verify that the physical description set forth in the International Health Certificate matches the animal that you are bringing into Mexico (sex, race, color), there will be a physical inspection.In the past, if it was found that the pet had external parasites, the inspector would call in a Veterinarian of his choosing to apply the required treatment, and the owner would be charged the vet’s services at whatever rate that vet chose. However, making sure your pet has no external parasites will ensure that no official has any excuse to charge you money for a perceived problem.What happens if I don’t have any document when I arrive in Mexico?

This may also be known as an International Health Certificate, and is obtainable from most vets in the USA or Canada.

Be sure to have the original and at least two copies (one is required, an extra one just in case).

The regulations state that even though an animal measures up to all the above-mentioned health requirements, the documents are still required.

Just because your animal is healthy and maybe you have the vaccination records with you, that doesn’t exempt you from having to prevent the International Health Certificate, signed by a legal veterinarian.

The International Health Certificate issued by the veterinarian must be on their letterhead, with an indication of their professional standing.

In most cases, their letterhead will indicate their title and qualifications, but if you want to make doubly sure, bring a copy of their license or business license.

You will quickly learn that having something out of order in Mexico gives someone in a government office a chance to hold up your show, and if they can, they usually will.

Better to have everything and more in one handy packet and be prepared for any contingency.

Again, we suggest that you compose your complaint or question in Spanish for the best results.

You can also contact the Internal Control Group in SENASICA, Secretary of the Public Service and Area of Responsibility and Complaints.

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