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Even if you will suddenly find your girl no longer interesting as a relationship partner, you can still be good friends and stay in touch.

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Every year the Wildstyle Network and our associated Startups use the SXSW tech/film/music festival in Austin to measure the global digital eco systsem’s health.We’ve been attending 70 sessions, captured as much as we could carry in our heads and compressed the theses from these categories:#AI #APIs #Autonomous Driving #Bots #Civic Tech #CSR #Design Thinking #Digital Marketing #Diversity #Fin Tech #Inclusivity #Luxury #Machine Learning #Politics #Social Good #Social Media #Startup Culture #Sustainability #Trump Former vice president Joe Biden visited Austin this Sunday.Unprepared Hitchcock fans may be taken aback by how soundly R-rated this film is.(So much for tightly-cut shower sequences that don’t show the knife penetrating flesh.) has a long, disturbing rape scene and several naked corpses; Hitchcock holds the camera on the tie as it is tightened around the neck, and keeps it there while the victim’s tongue hangs out of her mouth, drooling.The strangler is the charming, successful, endlessly creepy businessman Bob Rusk. As in most Hitchcock films, we find out this information quickly; uncovering the identity of the killer isn’t really part of the game.

The “wrong man” is Richard Blaney, whose connection to Rusk — they were military buddies — leads to an affectionate respect for the man: Blaney never suspects his old friend.

When Blaney’s ex-wife is killed the same day he is spotted leaving her office, he, of course, becomes the chief suspect in the necktie murders.

The delightful grit and freshness of is introduced in these two characters, and the actors cast to play them, who, while certainly not obscure, were not movie stars of Stewart, Grant, or Newman status.

It gives a visual dimension to the phrase “pry it from my cold, dead hands.” As Hitchcock takes pleasure in his newfound explicitness, we are as well, but it raises an interesting thought.

Nowadays some people are just sick of losing time looking for the love in real world to build strong family.

One can analogize Hitchcock’s return to London to Woody Allen’s late-career arrival there; for both directors, the move seemed to coincide with (or inspire?