Etiquette dating a millionaire

It can become exciting if you both realize you are from the same place or like the same things.” — “One of the best ways to start a conversation is to ask a question, and questions germane to the situation are best.

For example, if you’re at an event, ask ‘Have you heard this speaker, band or author before?

Ask the person you find attractive to help you reach something on a high shelf or hold something while you look through your wallet.

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“Helping questions are great conversation openers because when a person helps you it forms natural bonds.

When you help another person to figure what an item is on the buffet or locate the restroom, it lowers your defenses.

Did you and I attend the same private dinner at the White House with the Queen of England?

’” — “A self-depreciating line is a good opening when someone is engaging in a positive type task and you comment on it.

You see, my friends and I have this bet going on and we need an outside perspective. I say that the moon isn’t its own planet.’ Now, obviously the moon isn’t a planet.

Everyone should know that including this stranger you just asked.

’ from “Walk up to someone and tell them you need them to settle a bet between you and your friend.

For instance, say ‘Can I get your help with something?

If you need ideas look at what’s trending or are hot topics on Twitter or Facebook.” — “People love to help so asking for a small favour is a great starter.

If you don’t have a favour to ask for, just make one up.

It breaks the ice and these days it’s completely unexpected!