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Sawa was interested in acting since his early school days.

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Devon Sawa: No, you're going to be seeing a little bit more of Owen this year. Devon Sawa: Well right now they've got me for three, but I'm pretty sure there'll be more. Perez: Have you done movies where you had to be very physical like that doing stunts? When I was around 25, I had been working since the age of elven, I was kind of burnt out, and I just went home for a few years. Did you have – Devon Sawa: All the singing and dancing. Like oh lets pretend date so we can both be more famous?

Perez: And this season can you tell us if you're going to be on just that one episode or more than that? Perez: Now, tell us a little bit about your character. I look at Owen like the male Nikita; they're both from division, they're both trained assassins, and they both kind – Perez: So you really kick ass? And I do all my own stunts, and it's a lot of fun, and you know what I kind of go off into the world, and I got my own thing going on, and I'm helping Nikita out, and that's the Maggie Q character. Perez: You could have had a second career in a boy band. Perez: So you never really — did you have pretend — does this happen?

And so they put me into a theatre performance company, and the rest of kind of history.

Perez: Hey everybody, it's Perez, joined by Devon Sawa. Perez: We are going to be seeing more of you very soon because Friday you're going to be on "Nikita"? I was, I was obnoxious in class, and so the teacher suggested that you know if I wanted to be the center of attention, maybe I should try acting.

The couple is blessed with two children altogether.

They welcomed their first child, a son named Hudson Sawa, on January 9, 2014.

Marlene King, and producers Suzanne and Jennifer Todd.

At one point, it was revealed that all four lead girls had a "wild crush" on Devon, and they had a bet going on who would "get with" him while filming.

He played a role as Scott Wormer the town bully and shared a second on-screen kiss with his co-star Christina Ricci in "Now and Then." Sawa has also starred in several films like . He currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia with his wife and children.

He is a good friend of a well-known actor and producer, Stuart Stone.

For his part, Devon said, "no comment," but Thora said that Christina — who also starred with Devon in Casper that same year — ended up winning the contest.