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In fact, like often attracts like or its counterpart.For instance, unhealthy relationships are often build on the primal exchanges of a narcissist and a codependent.

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This disorder is anything but a hit 80s song from Madonna.There are many features of this disorder including, but not limited to, a dominating fear of abandonment, a perpetual sense of emptiness, a continued sense of guilt that the disordered party is evil, and sometimes multiple suicidal attempts or self-mutilation. This type of crazy comes with a diagnosis that often goes unnoticed until your heart is going for broke.Terms like psycho, narcissist, and OCD get thrown around.Again, there is a spectrum of functional on one side and dysfunctional on the other.

Mood disorders are different than personality disorders in that they can be more transient.It’s important to reflect on what you are trying to learn by being with them (as is true with the rest of the disorders).Because of the wars and the media coverage of it what was known as “shell shock” in WWII is now the well-known diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.Personality disorders are often meant to be used as a diagnostic tool.It is meant to be used to give a greater description to events you may be experiencing in your relationship.In fact, there’s a little crazy inside of all of us.