Dark secret chat

Silence is an awesome replacement for Android’s regular SMS app.

It stores all messages you receive in an encrypted database (by default this isn't protected by a password, but you can set one if you wish).

At this point, you might recall earlier this month there was a warning about a vulnerability in Whats App’s secure messages, but this was later proven to be false.

The source code for Signal is available online so security experts can constantly check it for vulnerabilities, too.

In fact Whats App uses some of Signal's source code for messaging.

If you back up your phone, Signal doesn't store a copy of your messages, either. Aside from its cool name and funky design, Frozen Chat also offers end-to-end encryption with OTR (Off the Record) messaging.

This means that not only are your messages protected and you can verify who you're speaking to, but you also have deniability – anyone can forge a message after the conversation is over.

Edward Snowden’s revelations about mass NSA surveillance, combined with the fact that the UK government is now requiring ISP's to record all internet traffic with the infamous snooper’s charter, has made privacy a very precious commodity.

The ability to monitor your traffic means messages you send with many popular apps can be intercepted and read.

Messages can also be programmed to self-destruct after a certain period of time has expired.

The app includes a handy wipe feature to securely erase messages.

The app is open source so can be checked by experts for vulnerabilities.

It is free to download for i OS and Android, but you need a paid subscription (.95 per month – around £8, AU) to make use of all the features.

This privacy-conscious messaging app comes from Open Whisper Systems who bear Edward Snowden's seal of approval, no less.