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OK, here’s another hint: all holes were located in exactly the same place, just below my bellybutton, where shirt and trousers meet.

Logically, this discovery led to the conclusion that it must be something I do.

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I'm sorry about your holes but glad to commiserate.OMG I have the exact same holes in the same place and couldn't work it out - I thought I was unconsciously buttoning my tshirts into my denim shorts but no! Thank you for solving the mystery and for giving me a great excuse to use with my boyf for clothes shopping: "Well yes, honey, I know I've bought a lot, but just think about all those puddings you've eaten...". You're not going to believe this, but you just changed my life.The rationale behind why not all of my shirts caught new holes in the past was manifold: I had either worn an apron, tucked my shirt into my trousers or worn heels (that made me taller), so the shirt would not scrub between trouser button and kitchen counter.And I am happy to report, no new holes have occured ever since this insight.Now you showed more determination than I to solve the problem, thank you. On closer inspection most of them looked like little burn holes (ones like my freinds from loooong looong ago had - they called them rock burns!

), it took me a while to come to the conclusion that it was hot fat spatter - roast potatoes etc. Beim Schleudern wird die Wäsche in die kleinen Löcher der Trommel gepresst, die auf der Rückseite scharfkantig sind. Cheers Claudine I also have the same problem, and attributed it to a little person (my son) who loves being held by me. die löcher kommen (bei mir zumindest) vom reißverschluss, genauer vom schieber.

I began tracking my moves and watching myself very closely throughout the day and very soon I thought I had found the reason.

At my desk I oftentimes lean against the edge of the table (don’t tell any orthopedist! With the sharp edge at my desk still padded, why didn’t I find any holes over the last weeks, but just now? It took some time until I finally realized the ultimate cause.

Of course, I couldn’t keep my findings to myself and found two more friends who share my experience.

A beautiful excuse for more shopping – cute aprons and high heels in the kitchen!

Just yesterday I bought one of these wash bags to put your shirts in to protect them in the washing machine.