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With more users relying on fewer storage systems, reliability becomes an issue.

Downside of storage consolidation Storage consolidation also has downsides, such as network performance.

With storage concentrated in a few centrally located devices, all of the storage traffic will pass across the same network connections.

Administrators don't need to track and maintain a multitude of servers.

Heterogeneous management software allows administrators to organize and provision consolidated storage across multiple storage systems through a single control panel.

IT and data warehousing groups are constantly asked to do a lot more with drastically reduced budgets.

To address the dilemma of doing more with less, data mart consolidation is paramount for success.This can lead to a performance bottleneck, which can hurt application performance and user service levels.Therefore, it's important to evaluate the network architecture early in the storage consolidation process and accommodate any changes or upgrades needed to ease potential bottlenecks.It also allows you to support new business processes and requirements with minimal effort; building on the success of the work you've already completed.Don’t Duplicate, Consolidate Data Mart Consolidation and BI – Whitepaper Companies can make better informed decisions when they take into account all available, relevant information.Storage consolidation can complicate some data storage management.