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I just joined a trap league today since a team needed a guy. So I shot a actual trap gun that some one let me shoot. It was made in 1960, was definitely used, and is still has an incedibly slick action. I think the BPS is as well designed and built as any pump gun ever made, but I can not warm up to the bottom loading. As others have said, the quality of the BPS is good.It was nice being able to see the clay over the barrel instead of covered. Just so you know where I am coming from, I have been shooting trap since 1970 and have owned and shot every action type of trap gun.I tried to talk him into selling my old gun back to me, but he declined! If Claydust is reading this he probably has a big grin on his face But unlike Claydust the LOP on Remington 870's and 1100's is too long for me and I will have this stock cut down and add some weight to suit me.You can't go wrong with the Classic trap, get it and don't look back.If the budget was there, I would have a K gun too (although I might not shoot any better, or a well as I do with the Rem.'s); I like the German stuff, but my expensive bit of German engineering has two wheels.

AS a follow up to this conversation, I'd like to say I could have saved a lot of money if I would have just kept my original Remmie Classic Trap !!So over a few 1,000 rounds the gun's action will get surprisingly dirty and stripping and cleaning is required. In 2005 I switched to 1100 trap guns due to an increasing low recoil tolerance; not that the 870 is really bad for me in that dept.I am fortunate in that the Remington monte carlo comb trap stock fit me perfectly right out of the box. This gun replaces my first dedicated trap gun which was also an 870 Classic trap I bought in 2000. I SOLD IT BECAUSE I THOUGHT I NEEDED SOMETHING BETTER .It is an attractive, good shooting, dependable and bargain priced trap gun.My new one makes "dust balls" out of targets I've shot the Browning BPS Trap and have to say I was a little turned off by the bottom load/eject system but I'm sure I could have gotten used to it if I tried, however the 870 seemed more "natural" to me. I don't have a Classic Trap, but an 870TC that I bought two years ago at a LGS. The Wingmaster is a lighter gun, but heavy enough that generations of trapshooters haven't minded, and weight is easily added if you choose.