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He argues that the “very stupid human craving for certainty and justification”, not religion, is to blame for this violence, and that atheism is becoming just as dogmatic as religion.In order to support his thesis, Liddle presents numerous examples of actions and words by atheists which he argues are direct parallels of religious attitudes.

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Some of these stories are great, it’s easy to think they are true. Awww the worth1000 watermark is a dead giveaway that this skull is fake. You can still find this skeleton on display there today.

Some people associate these photos with the biblical fallen angel giants called Nephilim. The body measured 20 inches, while the head is also about 20 inches. Scientists around the world have done DNA tests on the skeleton with no firm results if whether this is a human or a mysterious being?

That talking point came from a study where only 75 scientists said they believe in global warming on the other hand over 31,000 scientists have signed a petition saying they don’t believe in Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming. Nature produces much more CO2 than man In 2014 NASA finally launched a satellite that measures CO2 levels around the globe. If you look at the satellite data 2014 was not the warmest year ever in fact there has been no global warming for over 18 years.

They assumed that most of the CO2 would be coming from the industrialized northern hemisphere but much to their surprise it was coming from the rainforests in South America, Africa and China. The Reason they can say it’s the warmest year is because they are using the ground weather station data which is heavily influenced by the Urban Heat Island effect, many of which are near pavement.

It also includes an interview with Ellen Johnson, the president of American Atheists.

Liddle begins the documentary by surveying common criticisms of religion, and particularly antireligious arguments based on the prevalence of religious violence.Common to see original watermarks on these photos stripped. It was used for demonstrations when explaining the anatomy of the skull, so the entire classroom could easily see it. The story online is this skull was found in New Zealand. It was created for a Photoshop contest at worth1000 a couple of years ago. It helps people write a great story about the photo when the original popular website name is nowhere to be found on them. This one is an actual real skeleton found in the Peru forest by Renato Davila Riquelme who works at Privado Ritos Andinos museum, in Peru. The Great lakes had record ice Lake Superior only had 3 ice free months in 2014.You’d think that in the hottest year ever that ice would be melting like Al Gore said. Record Snow 2014 saw record snowfall in many areas, remember when they said that global warming would cause snow to disappear and children won’t know what snow is. Record Cold In 2014 we saw all kinds of cold records remember the Polar Vortex?For years now I have seen these giant human skeleton photos being passed around on the internet. Most of these photos have been created by or submitted to worth1000 SOURCE This one has been proven over and over again online to be a fake. Villagers crowding around to dig up these giant skeletons.